My .02 Cents with the iTunes Music Store.

The other day I found out that my Apple ID still worked with the iTMS, even from here Argentina. The result of this discovery: -Me able to download the "Free Single of the Week", as well as the "Music Discovery Download". Cool, at least something new to listen to, although most of the cases is pretty hit and miss.

Yesterday, as I feel into the abyss of boredom, decide to take a look at my buying history. Going through my buying history , I stumble upon a Gift Certificate that was sent in 2003, and was never redeemed (!). So i inputed the Certificate code, seconds later, there we have 20 bucks to spend at your disposal.

Yipees and Victory dance aside, I set out to buy me some music. I decided for UNKLE's Never Never Land, as well as Markus Schulz's With You Near Album. Not bad, but then I spotted Steve Lawler's Lights Out Vol. 3.. alas all that was left was .02 cents.

Leaving with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth, I know I have some music to listen to. But at the same time, you always have second thoughts of what you could've gotten. What are the chances of me stumbling onto another "lost" Gift Certificate? Unlikely.

But that was that, I have some tunes to jam to which are rare to find here in Argentina, my .02 cents, and what you can call "luck" with an Argie-esque iTunes Music Store experience twist.
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Nice Content for Your New iPod.

Picked up a brand new shinny 5th. gen. iPod? Looking for some cool content to drop in there to watch? Why don't you head over to Channel Frederator and subscribe to their vidcast.

Channel Frederator is a new, once a week, vidcast that hosts independently made cartoons for your viewing pleasure. Has sort of an indie "[Adult Swim]" vibe to it. Check it out, some cool nice free content for your shiny new iPod (hopefully in black).
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Void Inside TV: A 6 minutes Vidcast Overview of Apple's Front Row.

So here we go, with a small 6 minutes iPod Video compatible, overview of Front Row. This is Front Row running on a 12 in. 1.33 Ghz. PowerBook G4, using a Sony Ericsson T616 with a custom made Plug-In for Romeo to control it.

Size: 28.4 MB
Running Time: 00:05:58
File Type: MPEG-4 Video .m4v
iPod video Compatible.

Download Now.

RapidShare Link: Download Now (Better Link).

ROMEO Plug-in for Front Row. Download Now.

Hosted by:


-Audio Quality is crappy at best. Excuse the quality, but the built-in mic in the PowerBook isn't all that great when the fans are going off.
-Want to help mirror the file? Contact me.
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Blogger Nav. Bar -You are Back?!

In what can only be describe as a love/hate relationship, the bar is back. Mostly just for experimental purposes, as I believe there's a connection between having the nav bar show on your blog and the amount of hits you receive. Again, I am not to sure about this, so I shall investigate this further.

As for the lack of posting, well lately I have been working on a little "sumtin sumtin" that hopefully you guys will enjoy.

Here's a little hint, on what I have been up to, as of lately. Stay tune..

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Void Inside is Worth $2,822.70.

And here I was making a big fuss regarding the 1 dollar and some cents I have pulled from Google Ads. A few hundred away from a Quad Powermac G5.

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

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Slow Monday.

Not a whole lot going on really. Slow, rainy day almost a whole day gone..with not a whole lot done at all. Wasted day, you can call it. Regardless, I have been keeping an eye on Wilma striking Florida, since i have some friends over there. Hopefully everybody is safe and well.

Nothing much to say, I guess I'll just end it here. I'm tired, out to listen to TWiT and call it day you can say. For your consideration I leave you this cool wallpaper.

Monday is Gone.
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Traffic to Your Blog. Void's Perspective.

Having a "successful " blog these days is hard. Having anything "successful" on the vast space of the internet these days, can be considered a feat, period. Not to discourage anybody, but that's they way it is these days. Making a name for yourself on the internet is hard. Just like making a good blog, that makes people come back for more.

They are big name blogs out there who don't have this type of problem, they are already up there and move massive trafic, for example: Engadget, TUAW, just to name a few.

Then we have us, the Blogger crowd. I don't know about you fellow Blogger, but you can see the traffic I move. You can say average 10-15 people a day. Mostly quick passer by-ers, I would say about 2-5 get pulled either from the RSS feed been bookmarked, or they are frequent visitor. To which, I salute you. Not very high numbers at all. Maybe is it because people regard Blogger as mostly a place with un-interesting personal/spam blogs?

Perhaps, I must say that I have found some good interesting blogs here, Visual Food, is one of them. So there's good content in here. And good content is the key to getting traffic, and having people visit your blog back. A nice compelling nice, doesn't hurt either.

Is void anything like that? I doubt it. I do try to put good stuff out for mass digesting, a good portion of the time. Sometimes I'm just tired, lazy, lacking of inspiration, and just want to dump what's in my head into this. As the title states - "..random thoughts, ideas.." - and hopefully some good stuff for about 10 to 15 people a day. Enjoy.
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Auf Wiedersehen -Blogger Nav Bar.

After much debate on the state of the Blogger Nav Bar up there on the top - I believe it is time to retire it. I know, I know...against my believes and what I have been saying up until today. Well I have setup a poll, the people have spoken the bar is out. Also I asked on Neowin's forums the replies were all a resounding "Yes".

So it has been done, the Nav bar is gone. It was good while it lasted, now its better.
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Sweet Irony.

Seems like not so long ago, I made a rant regarding the invite-only aspect of This morning, I check my email, behold and invite to in my inbox.

Diligently, I set myself to make void in Wordpress. The result can be viewed here: I must say, that from the short use that I have gotten with it, the service has potential. They are still some shortcomings, regarding the mostly the appearance of your Blog. You have no access to the HTML code at all. Although "Wordpress isn't about that", as refereed by the FAQ regarding the access to the HTML, advance options to manage the look, and feel of your blog are missing.

I'm sure this feature, will eventually make it there, plus more. For now, this is my first-look of the service: -Has Potential.

Stay tuned, as I will review it during the weekend, AND I may even have a Invite to give out.
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Random poll.. for a thursday night.

Random poll to re-think the blogger bar. Vote away. To quote Mr. Puff Diddy Daddy Puff Puff Combs, "Vote or Die".
I'll be back on friday with more interesting content.

Should I remove the Blogger Bar?
Doesn't Bother Me.


Posted by Sebastian at 10/20/2005 11:16:00 PM | 12 comments read on V.I.P.

One of the increasing new web trends is to develop services and make them invite-only to use them. Google with their Gmail service, pioneered this, surely others will follow this trend. So it has happened, and Wordpress is one of them.

If you don't know Wordpress, is a (pretty damn good) blogging platform available to download for free. Of course they are some requirements to have a Wordpress blog, a Server with PHP , and a MySQL database. Seems pretty low on the requirements, yet some of us, don't have to access and have to settle for other mediums, such as Blogger. To me Wordpress is pretty good blogging platform, but what makes it stand apart is the extensibility it has, with many plug-in you can download out there.

Recently, Wordpress has launched a stand-alone version of Wordpress, no set-up required- Blogger-like stuff, except it uses Wordpress. Upon hearing this, I e-ran to all ready, and willing, to transfer void to a wordpress platform (my intention all along). Low and behold..invite only.

This V.i.p treatment has to stop, seriously. If you are developing a service, you need testers? Make them send a an email to or whatever and just make it a close thing, nobody has to know the service it's out there until you are ready to launch it for mass consumption. A nice coming soon page will do. This whole put your email here and when the constellation of Capricorn aligns with Jupiter we shall send you an invite blows. Sure maybe the service isn't ready to accept many more users, but again don't advertise it until you are ready to go public. Make it a close thing, as I said, post in the your forum..

We are looking for X amount of testers more, to try out our new ingenious idea. Click here to learn more.

This I believe is a much better way of conducting user testing/load on services than just having the whole invite thing. That's the traditional way of doing things, why this V.I.P. treatment all of the sudden?

Regardless, I'm looking forward what comes out of Hopefully it won't be a paid service alternative a-la
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My take on: Trial Software Expiration.

Recalling a previous void post that mention a nice piece of software call Ecto, I would like to spun off today's post out of that.

You see Ecto, a blogging management application of sorts, has a 3 weeks trial and it has just expired. To say the least this pisses me off, because for the most part its a great app, yet truth be told, I don't have the $ to actually pay for it. Sure I could re-download it, but it gets tedious doing this every 3 weeks. Look for a serial, but then again, I don't want to steal the effort the guys put into making the thing by going to some random site with banners showing chicks without their panties on and getting a serial. Probably end up been registered to RaYbeZzL33tk1d, and that's not even my name..

See that's the issue with time trials, you get teased, then it gets taken away. A great way to get you hooked on the product, no doubt about it, but at the same time should you want to explore the product's full features you kinda go..

"Why am I doing this, if in X amount of time it will be useless, and I would have to either re-enter everything, re-download it, or just give up on it"

I would rather have a Free version of a give app..crippled, stripped away of its "selling features" available for use. BBEdit does it with Text Wrangler, I believe more software companies could indeed follow that example. If you are indeed in need of the extra features, or really like the software, people will buy it. I would buy Ecto, when I have the means to do it, but in the mean time I don't believe in re-downloading it over and over again. Worse thing could be just getting a random serial, hey for once I'm trying to be honest here *hides away Adobe products*.

So there you have it, time expiration sucks, Lighterr-free versions of apps is the way to go. If you are an Ecto developer, would you mind sparing out a license to your great app? Thanks in advance.
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Gaming on a Mac.

One, if not the only, drawback of going Mac is gaming. They are no good games for mac!..The hardware sucks!...I want DOOM 3 @ 60 fps on my ibook..etc etc etc. The cries of a mob of angry gamers is heard throughout the internet. They are solutions for this tho, Have a pc for gaming, and mac everything else, my case. Stray away from PC gaming, and get a console. Another option, look for alternative gaming solutions on the mac.

This is the case for this post, an alternative. The hey days for gaming, as per yours truly, were the SNES days. Sure other consoles have had awesome fun games, but I think the SNES era had something "more". Something that until today has been missing from lots of games and consoles. Maybe it was the time we went through...those worry free middle school times..

Regardless, I think one of the best gaming experience you can have on your mac, is to revive those days. All thanks to emulation and random ROM sites (which you can find using Google). Well what do you need to revive those days?

  • An emulator: SNES9X Custom 1.43 -Largely just SNES9X but added features like OpenGL Sal mode rendering, which makes everything look "nicer".

  • A Gamepad: You aren't serious if you wanna play with your keyboard. I have a Logitech Dual Action. Pretty cheap to buy..not the best out there but it does the job.

  • The Games: Up to many to choose know you have to have..F-ZERO..Mario Kart...Zelda..Super Mario All Starts..MK II...list goes on and on.

There's also the Arcades. God knows how much money I spent during 9th/10th. grade at Miracle Center Mall playing Xmen Vs. Street Fighter, Killer Instinct (also on SNES), Area 51 shooter.. those were good times as well. 10 bucks gone, and u were left with bitter taste of getting your ass kicked. Not to worry, you were looking forward to the next sunday where you had the opportunity to give it one more go at it. You can also revive that experience in part, with no money to drop on quarters this time!

Take a look at MacMAME. A port of the MAME project to Mac. This is harder to set up in part, as it is not as straight forward as SNES emulation. For starters, ROM downloads are a lot bigger than SNES'. At times you may even encounter the need to download a parent version of a game to get it work. A pain, yes. Regardless plenty of games are just a straight download, like some Street fighter games, and old 80s games. There's gamepad support so always a plus. Be careful, since plenty of games tend to run sluggish on the Mac port, like the MK series.

Always remember, a faster machine will give you better results. I play on my 1.33Ghz G4 Powerbook, never have had a speed problem, even with a whole crazy battle in Marvel vs Capcom, so take that in account. A gamepad a must, and WHO said ytou can't have fun gaming on a mac?
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Telefonica's Speedy - My Broadband Connection.

Since my relocation back to Mendoza, Argentina in January, I have been trying to get a grasp of the IT world here. Things are quite different here, than say the US for example. PC's specs sure fall short to say "geek US" standards. However, they are nicely spec models out there, but you better be ready to lay down some good money.

But, I wasn't so much worry at the computer side of things, as I was towards broadband services at my disposal. I was well aware that Argentina, is no US when it comes to broadband service (as a per speed and price comparison) nor is US like Europe or Japan. Regardless I was heading with an open mind, to whatever I was going to be offered.

First and foremost lets get one thing straight, broadband here it's not the main thing. Dial-up sure beats it, and LAN Cafes beat all them straight up. Broadband is expensive. Should you have "fast" broadband to your disposal (1 or 2 mbps, crap even 512k will cut it) you better have a LAN Cafe or some medium to justify the expenses having that kinda of speed gives you. I have 256/100 kbps..which means my theoretical speed limit is 32K/s downstream. Currently I'm downloading a trailer from Apple at ~5.5K/s. I believe the routing of packages is acting up again...

Truth be told, 256k should not be deemed broadband, C'mon now, you kidding me? 256k is an acceptable speed to browse webpages, do your email and basic tasks these days. They shouldn't definitely not make you pay 50 buck for this. Well besides this, they are some other bad-sides to this service, for example: For one, my service gets P2P ports blocked in part, as well as non-standard ports (Oh doing a VPN with this should be fun!). Secondly, the service entitles me (I'm not to sure about this one) to only have broadband on one PC. Thanks to my trusty Bellsouth Ethernet modem and D-link crappy router, that clause can go to hell. Linux and Mac are non-existent, thus they are deprive of any support/internet access in their books. The list can go on and on..

You know, is shameful that we have to pay around 50 US dollars for this kind of service. Speed, service -wise this sucks plain and simple. What sucks even more is Telefonica's (phone company) monopoly over these services. Only they offer the service, sure they are other broadband ISPs (FLASH, UOL)...but they have to go through Telefonica to digitalize the phone line and all that. So basically Telefonica decides who, when, and how much someone should pay for "broadband". Unfair, rightly so, but since there's no true competition, who's to call them out and say "Look your services suck"? Nobody. So you either take it, or you leave it. Another great example of us getting ripped off.

In perspective my broadband sucks, regardless of what any internet speed test says. Believe me I am not the only one that share these sentiments towards Speedy or Telefonica. Hit the forums here and have a look. I forgot to mention.. Tenes que hablar español para entender lo que dicen's in spanish ;).
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LG pulls out their 102-inch...HD Plasma.

In a battle between Samsung, and LG to see who was the biggest ...plasma, LG has pulled out their 102-inches of "good times". Price tag a mere sum of 100,000 dollars..or around there. Well I can afford that with Google Ads funds in no time..take that LG!

Ed. Not really...but you can still help a dream stay

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One More Thing... We have many things!

Well today's was the great Apple event everybody was looking forward to. The Apple rumor websites hinted at many thing..

Upgrades to the PowerMacs and Powerbooks....and a video iPod...maybe a multimedia center device? Video iPod!..and more video iPods!

Truth be told, they were no "Pro" upgrades, but they were other upgrades, and yes an iPod that could play video. What really Apple introduced to masses was the following:

  • New iMac G5s. With faster processor, now only in 2 configurations: 17- or 20-inch. What struck me odd, is the inclusion of PCI-Xpress powered GPUs. I know they are in there so you can get all those cool effects in Front Row and Photo Booth. Thank you Core Image, you rock. Along with that, they now come with a built-in iSight, Airport Express card, and a Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW). Plus you get a cool looking remote to control Front Row and a Mighty Mouse

  • New iPods. Now with bigger screen that before, and thinner in size. They have also ditched the 20 Gig model and replace with a 30 gig. So now you have 30 and 60 gig, black or white. They can decode h.264and Mpeg-4 for video @ 30fps. Plus they have all the other iPod features, as well as the new nano features like: -World clocks. screen lock etc.

  • iTunes 6. Yes we were 5.0.1 like a week ago, somehow we have jumped a crap load of numbers and we are in iTunes 6. What's new? a Video Playlist, under your Source column. The music store now sells video content for a buck 99. Which is good for TV episodes, not so good for music videos, unless they have music videos of J-lo showing her butt in H.264 Glory, in which case ..buck 99...yea sure why not.

Overall, all the updates introduced today were good. I really like the new iMac G5s, the new iPods seem like the logical evolution towards a full blown-out 16:9 widescreen vPod in the near future. In which cases the store would also carry films and all that. For now since everything is presented in TV format 4:3..the iPod screen would do.

Well i leave you with a screenshot of the new iTunes' Videos Playlist. Checkout the nifty reflection under each video preview thumbnail. Apple always makes those small little graphical eye-candy details which I always love.

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-FOR FREE!">How to FTP files using OSX's built-in Terminal -FOR FREE!

Ever had the dire need to FTP a file to a server, and time is of the essence. You know time is short, the client is waiting, and you have to upload that preview to your sever, but how to do I do it, without searching for a 3rd-party app? I need a quick solution, I need it now, and I'm here to help.

All you need is Terminal, and this is what we are going to use. So let's open Terminal by doing the following:

Go to the Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Double-click on Terminal


Have Tiger? Then Spotlight is your friend. Bring up Spotlight (Command + Space Bar) -> Type in "Terminal" sans Quotes and the first Application hit, click on that.

So you should now have something along the lines of this:

Well lets start with the important stuff, but first make sure you have the following:

  • IP, or address of the FTP that we are going to access. - or for example.

  • Username and Password. If necessary.

Have all the necessary stuff? Well lets put it to use. Make sure you are in the terminal and type ftp and hit Return. You should have now:


Now type, open space and the IP of the server or the URL of the server. Hit Return.

ftp> open (replace with your server IP of course, for this how-to I will use

Upon, hitting Return, we will try connecting, and if successful, we will be greeted with something along the lines of..

ftp> open
Connected to
220 PowerBook-G4-12.local FTP server (tnftpd 20040810) ready.
Name (

Waiting for your input is your given Username, or if you have anonymous access you type in Anonymous. Hit Return. Now we have..

ftp> open
Connected to
220 PowerBook-G4-12.local FTP server (tnftpd 20040810) ready.
Name ( Sebastian
331 Password required for Sebastian.

As you may have guessed it, we need a password, so input that and hit Return.IF you use Anonymous as your Username in the previous step, an email would be required as password, in the format of most of the time.

And we are in..

ftp> open
Connected to
220 PowerBook-G4-12.local FTP server (tnftpd 20040810) ready.
Name ( Sebastian
331 Password required for Sebastian.
Welcome to Darwin!
230 User Sebastian logged in.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

So lets list the folders in our FTP Server, to do that we type dir and hit Return. You should get a listing of all files and folders.

ftp> dir
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||55214|)
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for '/bin/ls'.
total 32
-rw-r--r-- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 3 May 22 14:25 .CFUserTextEncoding
-rw-r--r-- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 15364 Oct 10 21:56 .DS_Store
drwx------ 10 Sebastia Sebastia 340 Oct 10 21:56 .Trash
-rw------- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 0 Jun 15 21:19 .Xauthority
-rw------- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 8025 Oct 10 21:39 .bash_history
drwxr-xr-x 3 root Sebastia 102 Jun 18 01:23 .emacs.d
drwx------ 6 Sebastia Sebastia 204 Jun 19 18:28 .fluxbox
-rw-r--r-- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 633 Jun 17 23:44 .fonts.cache-1
drwxr-xr-x 15 Sebastia Sebastia 510 May 23 00:31 .jedit
-rw------- 1 Sebastia Sebastia 444 May 29 11:05 .mysql_history
drwx------ 8 Sebastia Sebastia 272 Jul 4 14:49 .pan

Lets move into a folder so we can upload some files, to do that we type cd space Name of Folder. Hit Return.

ftp> cd Upload
250 CWD command successful.

As you can see we have successfully got ourselves into the Upload folder. Now lets put some files in there. How do we do that? We type in put space and here's the tricky part: - Drag the file that you want to put in the FTP to the Terminal window! You should now have:

ftp> put /Users/Sebastian/Desktop/Picture\ 1.png

Hit Return.

So now we have...

ftp> put /Users/Sebastian/Desktop/Picture\ 1.png
local: /Users/Sebastian/Desktop/Picture 1.png remote: /Users/Sebastian/Desktop/Picture 1.png
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||55220|)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for '/Users/Sebastian/Desktop/Picture 1.png'.
0% | | 0 0.00 KB/s --:-- ETA
226 Transfer complete.

Disregard the scrambled text format, but what it is important is the: 226 Transfer complete.
Congrats, you have uploaded a file to your FTP using Terminal!

How do I make folders to then upload files into it? Easy use mkdir and the name of the folder, then hit Return.
The output..

ftp> mkdir test
257 "test" directory created.

Remember if you want to upload files into your newly made folder you MUST remember to cd into it!

What other commands can you use?

  • rmdir name of folder - Removes a folder.

  • delete name of file - Deletes a file.

  • quit - Ends your session.

So finally, I hope you find this useful it may not be the solutions, but if you are in need of a fast solution this will do. Matter of fact a lot of people use this method, instead of an FTP client for FTP Access. As for me I prefer this method. Mac Geek hardcore, perhaps, but I like it.
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Bedrock: Layered Sounds.

I have been looking for this album for ages. Yes, it has been that long, but truth be told I always wanted to hear it. Labeled as, and I quote:

Style: Progressive House, Downtempo, Progressive Trance

it's not for everyone. Should you find electronic music repetitive, uninteresting, and boring, disregard this post. Still with me, then you should check this out, nice track selection (at least in CD #2) and good mixing, what more could you ask for. A nice chilling-mood flows throughout the whole CD, picking up at times, but holding that chilling feel throughout.

Sadly I just have the 2nd. CD. Mainly because I got it from the torrent of bits..ARGHHHHH YOU PIRATE WHERES MER CACKLE FRUIT!! To my defense, if any, the chances of me getting a hold of this album here are mostly none. Don't get me wrong if I see it somewhere I will get it. Also, should I get the chance to do an internet buy of this I will. As of this writing, not possible, sorry Mr. Digweed. However, I do plan to support your record label at one time or another.

In short, like house music? pick this up Bedrock: Layered Sounds there's also the second volume, which I hear it's just as good. Can't go wrong here, check them out.

BTW heres the track listing for CD 2, if you are interested:

Brancaccio & Aisher Everybody (King Britt Scuba Mix) (5:23)
Remix - King Britt
Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff All I Know (Original Mix) (5:12)
Featuring - Astrid Suryanto
Tom Mangan Chutney (Moonface Mix) (6:41)
Remix - Moonface
Brancaccio & Aisher Looks Like A Star (5:41)
Tigerhook Corp. Presents Randall Jones Tonite (5:55)
Vocals - Ursula Rucker
Fortunato & Montresor Imagine (Chris Fortier Mix) (8:08)
Remix - Chris Fortier
Amber Anyway (Steve Porter Unreleased Mix 2) (5:52)
Remix - Steve Porter
Herbal Infusion The Hunter (Steiger Mix) (6:19)
Remix - Steiger
Christian Cambas It Scares Me (7:46)
Steiger Postcard From The Edge (Underdub) (7:02)
Bedrock Emerald (Charlie May's Quartzite Cluster Mix) (7:30)
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Void Inside 1.5.1

Well a small update, to fix some things.

  • Blogger bar is back, because I hate blogs that take them out, thinking their blog is so damn good. Well its NOT! leave the bar alone you bastards. I lead by example.

  • Comments should indeed be working now. Although not the way I would like them to have working, but this will do for now. Please ignore the random crap in the comments fields. I'm trying to see if I spot the "why" and fix it. If you comment and would like to see your comment, reload the page, or go home and then back into the post.

  • Stat tracking is up, but thats just for me :).

I think more or less we are back on track. Please hold as we return to our regular programing soon. So you guys like it or not? Let me know.
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Void Inside Update: -Hits Version 1.5 and Record Earnings!

Well here we go, new look for void. I think it's better than the "swap color palette" Blogger provided theme void started with. So heres the "What's new".

===What's new===
-Darker sadder palette for void.
-Easy, compelling design.
-CSS happy design.
-Design provived by:
-Comments are now built-in to each post. (Do they work?) BROKEN!
-Sets apart void inside a bit from the rest of blogs.
-Overall a good thing.

Well that's all for the new look. Now for the record earnings.

For the month of September we set record earnings of $1.34!!! This month so far $0.29!! Which equals to a great amount of A dollar, 63 cents. Whoa. I thank you all who click *waves @ the Cpt.*

Hopefully you guys like, and please let me know of any bugs you may find. Enjoy.

!!UPDATE!! The Comment system is broken. Please wait, as I become one with the code again and try to fix it ASAP.
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So Saddam's son...

..goes grocery shopping as per dad's request. Upon returning from grocery shopping, Saddam sees his heir carrying all the grocies in a cardboard box. Surprised by this, Saddam inquires:

My Son, why are you carrying the groceries in a box?

To which his son replied:

Because there was no bag dad!

Get it? Baghdad...Bag!...Ahhh...I got nothing for tonight.
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My Buddy is BACK!!

Holy crap, this is great!

So as I sat here, still moaning the loss of my buddy, I decided to do the ultimate revival move. Hopes were low (as it is the outlook of almost anything that i engage in life btw).

I docked it in, no *BEEP* as expected. Mounted in iTunes, complained it needed update, I ignore that. Open up Disk utility and I zero-out the HDD. After a couple of long lasting minutes, and after I came back from taking care of things, Disk Utility was done. My Buddy was all zero'ed out.

Open up the iPod Updater, Restore was the only option available so I did. It restored fast. I was getting happy (for once). Reset it manually, while still been docked, and Buddy is back!!

To celebrate his return from the grave, I shall now listen to something... it's good to have you back Buddy.

*Pats Buddy in his silver shinny all scratched out back*
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Farewell Buddy.

Today was the final breath of life from my 3rd generation iPod. The HDD finally gave out and well its over.

Ever since that drop inside my bookbag back in January I guess my buddy was fighting death himself with each ongoing week. The clicking when the HDD spun up, and the sound of something "loose" inside when you shaked it a bit, were all a signs of the evident, my buddy was going to quit on me. Today was the day.

Sad times indeed. I guess I'll just hold on and see what Apple has in store next week. Video iPod seems the bet, although a video ipod on a iTms-drepived country is sort of pointless. Given that Apple will market music videos and such. Besides downloading videos on a 256kbps "broadband" is agony at its best.

iPod nano...I'm thinking about you...
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iTunes on Sony Ericsson Phones? -The Info.

Picking up on yesterday so call "exclusive" here's some information on it. Probably none of you bought into it, except maybe one or two. Well it was Photoshop. Sort of inspired by the all the fake screens out there of iTunes in other gadgets like PSPs and PDAs, I decided to create my own. Sure they are some design flaws people commented on like too much empty space around the buttons area. In my defence, It was just a quick fun photoshop.

Taking a screenshot of the "mini player" state of iTunes I set out to port it to my T616. Photoshop the buttons, the display and the bars and all was set and done. Many Layers later I had a something to work with. Export to a .GIF and then from my Powerbook got it off my G5. From there it was all matter of just Bluetooth File Transferring to the phone.

From the T616 I made the picture my default screensaver, as to have it appear full screen. I then placed the phone on my desk, camera on top of my powerbook and snatched a pic. Took a couple of tries to get the timing right, because the screensaver turned off rather quickly, so a fast finger was needed. After the second try I nailed it and then well, sent it to iPhoto, resized it in Photoshop and place it here.

There you have iTunes on a T616. Who said it wasn't possible. All thanks to the wonderful tool call Adobe Photoshop and bored mind, taking a brake.
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iTunes on Sony Ericsson Phones?

ITunes on my T616 :). As you can see it's giving me an error on Playback, since there's no media file in the phone. More information soon.
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Dell says: "We have trendy Apple wallpapers too!"

Catching up on news for the last week of September, I stumble with the whole story of Dell cutting the free shipping on systems, in order to make up for the losses they are currently having. Cutting costs left and right, seems like Mikey's company isn't doing all that great lately.

But that's not the point, what struck me odd was the wallpaper photoshopped on a Inspiron notebook. That looks straight rip out out of the Tiger/Panther Aqua wallpapers. The colors, the abstract shapes, it's there. This wallpaper is not only used on the notebooks but throughout the site on all devices that happen to have a display of some sort. Jesus Dell sales a little of everything these days, I can't wait for the Dell branded Fax Machine, or Dell Branded Office Strength Stapler.

In short, it seems that Dell has deemed the Aqua wallpaper so damn cool, they needed to create their own cheap knock-off.
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Hello Mr. October.

Well we are into October, the 10th Month of the year, shortly announcing the end of 2005. Gone is September and to tell you the truth I thought we were in October already.

Blame on it on my lack of time tracking, since well I have nothing to track time about. All I need to know is a saturday so I can go to German class do my deed there and head back home. Uneventful times you can say, but I'm sure at point or another things are bound to pick up (right? Anyone, anyone??).

So there we go 2 months left in the year of 2005 ...damn time flies..seems like yesterday it was January. We shall see what October holds. My prediction: Not a whole lot. Let's see if I can prove myself wrong, or not...
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Meanwhile on Twitterland..