Look I'm Blogging without going to Blogger.com

Early morning Digg browsing I happen to stumble across a story mentioning "Ecto".
....Updating a blog from a Web browser is for amateurs. Ecto lets you maintain and post to multiple blogs from one handy desktop application...

So I decided to download it, and give it a try. Input void's URL, name and password, done. Automatically detected that it was a Blogger account, dropped the corresponding Blogs in, as well as posts, all set.

Truly cool stuff, since first and foremost its like writing in a text editor. Way more feature packed that Blogger's web editing tool for sure.

So check it out, its call Ecto. Here's the site: http://ecto.kung-foo.tv/

Renaissance: The Master Series CD 2 from the album "The Master Series" by Hernán Cattaneo

Interesting iTunes song button.. lol

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