Over 150 hints in iTunes 7 point to an iPhone

Lurking deep within iTunes 7 lies over 150 messages with mobile references. Now if that isn't any indication as to what Apple may be working on deep within their Cupertino bunker, I don't know what is..
Messages include:

-"The mobile phone “^1” contains new voice memos. Would you like to move these voice memos to your iTunes library?"
-"Moving voice memos to your iTunes library…"

..and of special interest..

"Are you sure you want to sync movies? All existing movies on the mobile phone “^1” will be replaced with movies from your iTunes library."

Watching movies, you say? Pretty sure you can't do that with the iTunes enable phones currently out in the market right now.. Something is coming...hmmm..

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Good News Everyone!

I have been a fan of Futurama, ever since I started catching the re-runs on Adult Swim back in the day @ 11 pm. The crazy adventures of the Planet Express crew, always made me laugh, and by the most part every episode was very good. The subtle Apple references through-out the show, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg and all added to the great value of the show.

Like all good things, Futurama was ended way too soon after been canned by FOX. Although there's talk about a Futurama return, I wouldn't hold my breath. Yesterday, as I "digged" around Digg, I found this great site. This site contains every Episode of Futurama seasons 1-5 in Flash embedded video format. Perhaps not the most "legal" site out there, but c'mon is Fry and his crew!

A worthy visit to remember some great cartoons, although the quality may not be the best, but hey something is better than nothing. As Bender says "Bite my shinny metal ass!"

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Feeling so blue..

Anybody noticed after iTunes' major update (which also included a new icon) the predominant use of blue now in the Dock. I guess it goes along with the whole Aqua feel? Maybe it's just a coincidence..

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Since we last spoke..

My V3
Originally uploaded by void inside.
Well since my last update I have been doing quite somethings, hence the lack of time for a blog post. Having said that, this past weekend I became the owner of a Motorola RAZR classic silver (or is it SLVR??) color. Stay tuned as I will post a small review of this phone. I must say the phone is leaps and bounds ahead when compared to my old trusty Sonny Ericsson T616 in the looks and overall performance of the device. Overall, I'm quite satisfy with the RAZR thus far.

Over at Apple land, we have new iPods and iTunes. The return of the iPod Mini as a nano, better res. Movies and TV shows (finally!) and an small in-between update to the "big" iPod. Brighter screen, you can play games, etc.

Well that's it for today. A small post as to show that I am still alive. Stay tune, and look foward to my razr review.
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Mac Desktop Sept. 06

Mac Desktop Sept. 06
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Realizing that I have never done a Desktop entry in Void, here's the first one. Behold my desktop for the month of September. As you can see, An Audi S8 adorns the backdrop of Safari, Mail, iTunes most of the time.

I'm also using this post to test out Flickr's built-in "Blog This!" feature. Not that I am an avid Flickr user per-say but I do have my account. Welcome to look around if you wish.
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Farewell to the Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin, better known as the ‘Crocodile Hunter', was mortally wounded by a stingray while diving off the north Queensland coast during the filming of a documentary called ‘The Ocean's Deadliest'.

Wow, surely didn't see this one coming. Although with the title of  "Crocodile Hunter" as your profession, I think your life expectancy may be a bit shorter than the rest of us.

Joking aside, it's really sad to see Steve go. A guy that enjoyed his work, and truly had a passion for animals. I can't begin to count the times that I said to myself "this guy is f'ing nuts" as he played around with huge poisonous snakes and the like. His crazy antics will be surely missed. Rest in peace in buddy.

Read: Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, Mortally Wounded By Stingray

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Meanwhile on Twitterland..