Shutdown Day

We have almost become too dependent on our computer(s) these days. Thanks to RSS feeds, emails, and who knows what else, we find ourselves trapped using them on a daily basis, for many hours per day. For some it has become an integral part of our daily go-about.

Shutdown Day is a worldwide experiment with an interesting premise:

Can we cope without any computer usage for one full day?

On March 24th. we will find out for sure. I for one said "I can". How hard can it truly be? Truth be told, the thing I'll probably "miss" the most on that experimental day would be jamming my iTunes library. But it's only one day, YOU CAN DO THIS!! Besides, the 24th lands on a Saturday so it won't be monotonous weekday at least.

We shall see, said the blind man.. Anybody willing to join the experiment as well?

Twenty-four hours sans computer usage, what can go wrong?

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Miami's CBS 4 says:" We ain't no English pros here."

So this morning I was doing a bit of random news reading here and there when I stumble across this gem of grammatical error.

Reading this article on Tim Hardaway's "shocking" revelation of hatred towards ..let's see here..dudes that swing "the other way", male Cher fans, vast majority of Miami Beach residents, etc. I came across a pol asking for people's opinion on these "big" news.

Timmy's opinions aside, which are really irrelevant for this post, I was shocked by the atrocious grammatical error found on the poll that was been conducted by CBS Channel 4 of Miami at that time. Lets take a closer look, shall we? (click for bigger pic).

As you can see the statement in question is: Stupid But His Right. Now, what kind of English did you take in High school to confuse His with the contraction of He is? I'm somewhat sure whoever wrote those poll options even has some college education under her belt. Jesus man, common now..

But then again, maybe I am wrong (silly me..). Maybe Yusila Ramirez got it right at the time of reporting. Maybe she meant "..., But His Right". The "Right" in the same context as this? Nah... I don't think she's right (Yusila.. you may want to pay attention and see what I did there on that last sentence girl).

Now if you excuse me, I gotta email Yusila this post along with some helpful hints and tricks.

Disclaimer: Take this post with a grain of salt, for I ain't no English pro or anything :).

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Check out this iPod Na..wait no..

Thought somebody may get a kick of this. Browsing around the auction sites here in Argentina, I stumble across this dude selling this iPod nano look alike. Truth be told from afar it could fool anyone.

Having said that the GUI is nowhere close, the clickwheel controls are wrong, and it has more features than the real Apple nano (which in turn is sad).

The brand: - Panton (huh?)
Capacity: 1 gig.
Features: - plays MP3/MP4, records voice and radio, FM tuner, stores photos/videos, built-in games, address book.

Price: Around 70 US Bucks.

Forgot to mention it comes with headphones, charger, USB cable and a 90 day warranty. What no AppleCare option? Deal breaker right there my friend!

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Photoshop's pleads for activation...

.. can drive a guy insane. Turns out our beloved Photoshop CS 2 after an Archive & Install becomes basically useless,go figure. Apparently the whole digital license flips out and basically you are only left with the option of re-installing.

Thus once again one must deal with serial numbers, activation workarounds, CD installation, internet updating..bleh

You are just lucky Photoshop, lucky that I depend on your services every now and then..

Let me get back to re-installing..*sighs*

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