Growl - A cool system notification utility

I must admit I am not big on the whole "installing OSX utilities" thing. Call me ol' plain vanilla flavored OSX user, but those extra system utilities never did it for me. To me, these things were a bit pointless, resource eating app running in the back, doing some uninteresting minuscule thing. Having said all of that, today I tried Growl... and I like it!

If you are not aware what Growl is, let me quote some info straight from the developer's site
Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications.
So what apps (that you may already have!) bring Growl support? From my own experience I can tell you that: Adium, Skype, and Tangerine! are some of them.

One of the cool things that you may not know, is that you can add Growl support to apps that may not have it from the start. As a quick example via the use of plugins and a small app I have Azureus and iTunes spewing out notifications at me.

Of course, you can customize the look of the notification displays to your heart's content. The
application offers plenty of flexibility in the customization area, as well as been pretty lightweight on system resources.

So there you have it, if you want a pretty lightweight, useful, system utility take a look at Growl. Highly recommended.

P.s. If you are wondering what's the name of the Azereus plugin for Growl notifications, it's called Ribbit

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Is Digg currently "diggin'" its own grave?

Talk about a community uproar.. If you haven't notice already, has gone into a censorship/banning rampage after all the stories submitted regarding the leaked HD-DVD Hex cracking code key. Banning the stories is one thing, but the censorship has gone as far as banning users and even stories that don't deal with the leaked key directly.

Is the so called "User submitted" website reaching a turning point? Massive user exodus ahead? As of right now nobody knows what will happen.

Meanwhile Kevin, nor anyone in charge of Digg has stepped up to the plate and commented on these recent events. I'm pretty sure they are aware of what's going on..

Truth be told, we can only wait and see. Meanwhile other user submitted content sites like Slashdot or Reddit are carrying the stories and nobody has gotten banned..

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Meanwhile on Twitterland..