Video Of the Week #11: Eddie Griffin can't drive

Eddie, Eddie....I don't think even Undercover Brother can save you from this one..

Eddie Griffin the actor who took part of such "great" movies as "Undercover Brother", "Scary Movie 3", and "The New Guy". I must be fair and say that "The New Guy" wasn't so bad at all, mainly because she was in it, but that's beside the point.

Anyhow, Mr. Griffin acting career seems to rival his driving skills, as you can see on the following video taken during a charity event on Monday at the Irwindale Speedway.

This video is brought to you by the wonders of Understeer.

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Zelda on your cellphone

We all know how dubious the quality of cellphone gaming can be. Bejeweled and Tetris aside, not a whole lot out there worth playing on short breaks/toilet seating time/bored times.

So the other day I was browsing around for some new games for my V3 when I stumble across this gem. Now its a fan made project, not an official release from the "Big N", and it's a work in progress. Disclaimer aside, having Zelda on your cellphone is pretty damn cool. Very nice graphics (for a cellphone game anyways), and I must say the game truly shows promise.

If you are looking for that cellphone that can give you a good quick gaming fix, and you are a fan of the Triforce and Link, give Zelda Mobile a (sword)spin.

Link: Zelda Mobile

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Music for a Sunday afternoon: Thievery Corporation

For this post I decided to a give a small "heads-up" on some music you may want to give a listen to (not just) on a Sunday afternoon. Lets start off with some music you may want to listen to on your sporty German car as you weave your way around the night...and just chill..

If you are truly feeling on a "loungey" mood, you definitely must check out Thievery Corporation. Although the guys have a vast catalog of albums, to start, give The Richest Man in Babylon a listen.

A nice blend of jazz, reggae, middle eastern sounds with two cups of Lounge/Downtempo Electronica. Very accessible music and perfect to just sit back and relax. It may be an acquired taste for some, but this genre of music sure as hell gets thumbs up from me. For those times when you just want to chill..Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon (German car not required).

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Shorter is better..

..And we are talking about the length of your blog post here, by the way. According to this article one way to attract and retain a large audience for your blog is to limit your posts to less than 300 characters.

How did they reach this magical figure? Well, they analyzed the top 5 blogs in the intraweb (Engadget, Gizmodo, etc.) and looked at how long their posts are.

‘The data became clearer. On that particular day, the top five bloggers created an average of 30 entries, with each entry being under 150 words.’

So there you have it, shorter is better. At least when it comes to blogging, and if you are wondering this blog post has 124 words. Hey, maybe it works?

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Meanwhile on Twitterland..