One More Thing... We have many things!

Well today's was the great Apple event everybody was looking forward to. The Apple rumor websites hinted at many thing..

Upgrades to the PowerMacs and Powerbooks....and a video iPod...maybe a multimedia center device? Video iPod!..and more video iPods!

Truth be told, they were no "Pro" upgrades, but they were other upgrades, and yes an iPod that could play video. What really Apple introduced to masses was the following:

  • New iMac G5s. With faster processor, now only in 2 configurations: 17- or 20-inch. What struck me odd, is the inclusion of PCI-Xpress powered GPUs. I know they are in there so you can get all those cool effects in Front Row and Photo Booth. Thank you Core Image, you rock. Along with that, they now come with a built-in iSight, Airport Express card, and a Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW). Plus you get a cool looking remote to control Front Row and a Mighty Mouse

  • New iPods. Now with bigger screen that before, and thinner in size. They have also ditched the 20 Gig model and replace with a 30 gig. So now you have 30 and 60 gig, black or white. They can decode h.264and Mpeg-4 for video @ 30fps. Plus they have all the other iPod features, as well as the new nano features like: -World clocks. screen lock etc.

  • iTunes 6. Yes we were 5.0.1 like a week ago, somehow we have jumped a crap load of numbers and we are in iTunes 6. What's new? a Video Playlist, under your Source column. The music store now sells video content for a buck 99. Which is good for TV episodes, not so good for music videos, unless they have music videos of J-lo showing her butt in H.264 Glory, in which case ..buck 99...yea sure why not.

Overall, all the updates introduced today were good. I really like the new iMac G5s, the new iPods seem like the logical evolution towards a full blown-out 16:9 widescreen vPod in the near future. In which cases the store would also carry films and all that. For now since everything is presented in TV format 4:3..the iPod screen would do.

Well i leave you with a screenshot of the new iTunes' Videos Playlist. Checkout the nifty reflection under each video preview thumbnail. Apple always makes those small little graphical eye-candy details which I always love.

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