Dell says: "We have trendy Apple wallpapers too!"

Catching up on news for the last week of September, I stumble with the whole story of Dell cutting the free shipping on systems, in order to make up for the losses they are currently having. Cutting costs left and right, seems like Mikey's company isn't doing all that great lately.

But that's not the point, what struck me odd was the wallpaper photoshopped on a Inspiron notebook. That looks straight rip out out of the Tiger/Panther Aqua wallpapers. The colors, the abstract shapes, it's there. This wallpaper is not only used on the notebooks but throughout the site on all devices that happen to have a display of some sort. Jesus Dell sales a little of everything these days, I can't wait for the Dell branded Fax Machine, or Dell Branded Office Strength Stapler.

In short, it seems that Dell has deemed the Aqua wallpaper so damn cool, they needed to create their own cheap knock-off.

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