Farewell Buddy.

Today was the final breath of life from my 3rd generation iPod. The HDD finally gave out and well its over.

Ever since that drop inside my bookbag back in January I guess my buddy was fighting death himself with each ongoing week. The clicking when the HDD spun up, and the sound of something "loose" inside when you shaked it a bit, were all a signs of the evident, my buddy was going to quit on me. Today was the day.

Sad times indeed. I guess I'll just hold on and see what Apple has in store next week. Video iPod seems the bet, although a video ipod on a iTms-drepived country is sort of pointless. Given that Apple will market music videos and such. Besides downloading videos on a 256kbps "broadband" is agony at its best.

iPod nano...I'm thinking about you...

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