Merry Xmas and Happy 06.

Hopefully Santa will bring plenty of cool stuff. Be safe, may everything work out for everyone in 2006. Whatever the case may be, enjoy the occasion. Have a good one, and see you all in 06.
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Dad sells son's XBOX 360 Xmas Present for 100 Bucks.

I thought this way pretty damn funny, if its actually true, so i Digged it:

Apparently junior hasn't been all that good lately, and it's time to show him a lesson. That's why dad is selling his XBOX 360, and giving him the box filled coal for Xmas. Surely junior will learn his lesson.

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Album Art, iTunes, and a Widget.

One way to keep a nice pristine iTunes libray is by having your album art. Now if you are lucky enough to have access to the iTunes Music Store, and purchase your music using that service, then you have no problem.

However, what about when you import a CD to iTunes. You won't have an album art then, and you are out to search the net away. Sure you could go to and search there. That takes time right? Well I have a better solution, and it's sitting on my dashboard right now..

This widget interacts directly with iTunes, offering you tons of control over yor music. To quote the developer's site..

... It displays the album cover art of songs playing in iTunes. It can automatically fetch album art from internet sources and save them to iTunes. Additionally, you can jump easily to the iTunes Music Store page of the current playing song or artist, rate your songs with a single click and pause/skip/play songs without opening the iTunes window.

A must-have to manage your iTunes library for sure. One thing, the album art fetching is disabled by default, you must go into the preferences and enable it there by choosing what site you want to use ( for example).

Get Version 2.3: Here.

!-Jan 14, 06 Edit: Album Art Widget version 2.5 is now available-!
Includes: The iTunes plug-in compiled as Universal Binary, and more.

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Hernán Cattáneo Renaissance - The Masters Series Vol.2

WOW!...What an album. That's about sums it up for it. Volume 2 of Hernan Cattaneo's take on the Master Series, sure lives up to what the the first volume set as standard.

One of the most famous Djs nowadays, Argentina's own Hernan pushes the progressive house sound like one of the bests. The first CD, has a prevelant dark tone to it, somewhat similar at times to what you would find in John Digweed's GU Los Angeles. Second CD, enjoys the sounds of breaks, and includes the killer song, Hernan's own Warsaw. This time around, edited for this album.

Overall, a great album. Want to pick a good electronic album, if not the best to come in 05? This is it. By all means listen to this, you won't be dissapointed.

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Peter Jackson's King Kong.

Yesterday I saw the hyped and acclaimed Peter Jackson's take on the classic monster tale of King Kong. Weighting in at 3 hours long, it surely differs from the 1933 100-minutes adaptation. Is it really worth the 3 hours, and a movie ticket?

For the most part, yes. Although the movie begins to boring start, things commence to slowly pick up once they set sail to that "unknow" island. Many action sequences, although for the most part entertaining, are shot and edited in such a way in which trying to follow what's going on can leave your eyes running all over the screen.

The CG work is great. King Kong's fur looks pretty damn good, and thats pretty hard to achieve. As well as complete CG creatures interacting with each other, in this case Kong fighting a pack of dinosaurs. The interaction between people and the CG is pretty damn good as well.

The story and pace of the movie, is good. The portray of Kong as a more humanized beast, instead of a angry rageful thing works. Jack Black's part in the movie, doesn't really fit. I mean, he's not the type of guy to deliver lines that don't involve a cheap laugh or two. I mean I was expecting him to pull out his guitar and sing "Fuck Her Gently" to Kong.

Ultimately, the 3 hour long story, may fit Lord of the Rings tales, but for a monster story, is a bit too long. Many characters are presented throughtout the movie, to which in reality we could do without. As well as many scenes run for way too long.

Should you go and see it? Hell yea. Is it perfect? No but its pretty damn good. Defenetly recommended, for three hours of good times.

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Google Launches Gmail Mobile Access.

Apparently the boys at Google tend to read this blog, since they have given in to one of my demands. Probably not, however I'm happy to announce that Google (finally) is offering mobile access to Gmail.

I previously posted some solutions to retrieving your Gmail from your cellphone, well this solutions are no longer needed, since Google has stepped up and offered this service themselves.

Want to read more about it? Google's Site

Try it yourself by going to with your phone's browser.

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Quake 4 coming to Mac

Relese date: March 2006.

In what can be described as an expected move, Aspyr will be releasing Quake 4 for your Mac. Given how they relesed DOOM 3 for the Mac already, and how Quake 4 uses the DOOM 3 engine, this release was expected.

Quake 4, the fourth installment in Quake series, is senseless FPS, in which you kill wave after wave of enemies. Although to its merit, it looks pretty nice. A good game, don't get me wrong, but in the PC side, they are much better offerings like F.E.A.R and Call of Duty 2.

Given the release date, I wonder if Aspyr will optimize the peformance of the game for the intel processor, and give a second seat to the powerpc version? It will be the most logical thing to do, after all peformance is king. Universal binary, or not, this will be an interesting game to see develop, will developers favor the intel platform or not? Hmmm..

Should you want to get it, why don't you read some reviews in the meantime, to tie you over 'til March 06.

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Small .mov that shows what Apple hardware is to many mac geeks..

I stumble across this video today as I surfed around the web. Truly defines what sets mac geeks apart from the rest of the computer geek community. Makes you go wtf?, but hey I thought it was pretty damn funny.

Watch it.
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List of Universal Binaries for the Intel Macs.

As we all know, on june @ the WDCC, Steve Jobs announced that the Mac will be moving over to Intel x86 processors leaving the PowerPC platform in the past. The new intel macs were said to be come out in June of 06. Not quite so, according to several reports. Most likely, they are ahead of schedule apparently, and this Macworld will be the perfect debut setting for intel macs.

Having said that, I stumble accross this nicely kept list of released universal binaries intel mac-ready applications. Take a look at the progress developers have been making into migrating to the Intel platform for mac.
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We are BACK!! (again)

After a small brake, I must say that void is back! It has taken me some time to get things sorted out, but now we are here. Hopefully some of you missed my quality posts...or not..

As for the new look, this will do (for now). I have been working on an "original" template these past few weeks, however I don't think this template look lends itself well to void's posts. While i try to sort that out, enjoy this new look.

For those who care, i did pass my german A1 test. no more german for me..until next year. In the meantime I'll see what I do hmm...

Ok, enough said, I'm back..enjoy the show.
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Meanwhile on Twitterland..