Sweet Irony.

Seems like not so long ago, I made a rant regarding the invite-only aspect of Wordpress.com. This morning, I check my email, behold and invite to Wordpress.com in my inbox.

Diligently, I set myself to make void in Wordpress. The result can be viewed here: http://voidin.wordpress.com/. I must say, that from the short use that I have gotten with it, the service has potential. They are still some shortcomings, regarding the mostly the appearance of your Blog. You have no access to the HTML code at all. Although "Wordpress isn't about that", as refereed by the FAQ regarding the access to the HTML, advance options to manage the look, and feel of your blog are missing.

I'm sure this feature, will eventually make it there, plus more. For now, this is my first-look of the service: -Has Potential.

Stay tuned, as I will review it during the weekend, AND I may even have a Wordpress.com Invite to give out.

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