Video Of the Week #9: Volkswagen Polo commercial

Behold the triumphant return of the VOtW! To re-kick start things, here's a very clever VW ad. This is an Euro ad, so don't be surprise if you have never seen this car before. Pretty funny, I must say.
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Numa Numa, to make a return?

I think we can all remember the Numa Numa Internet phenomenon. The net-famous video had this guy lip-syncing to the song  Dragostea din Tei by Moldovan pop band O-Zone (thank you Wikipedia article) all captured in crappy grainy quality a web cam can give you.

Well it seems that Numa Numa kid (20 years-old Gary Brolsma) is set to make a comeback and reclaim his Internet celebrity status this fall. Over at a message reads on the front page:

Coming Soon! The return of Gary Brolsma, the Numa Numa Kid, in his new video, "New Numa."
New Numa is set to be released worldwide this fall. Stay tuned for more information!

So he's coming back, maybe hes got some sponsors now? Is he looking forward to getting some bucks in his pockets? I'm pretty sure some random company has approached the guy at one point or another. Don't underestimate the power of the Internet celebrity status, I say. Maybe he's going to jump into the whole video podcast thing going on these days...

Whatever it may be, I salute you Numa Numa kid for your celebrity status, and those minutes of humor you have brought into my life. Looking forward to his new "projects".

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Crazy iChat message of the day

Of course why is the 0x8000FFF thing that's causign all the problems, I should've know better...

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Introducing the new iPod HD

Surfing the vast waves of the "interweb" the other day I came accross iLounge's New iPod Countdown Contest. What they asked was pretty straight foward, create the next generation iPod using your artistic abilities and whatever design tools you wanted.

So I loaded my favorite app, Photoshop and set out to create something. Some photoshop-ing hours laters, you can see on the left-hand side the final result. I always find these mockup Apple products contest fun, kinda a cool way to let your mind run wild with Apple product ideas. Enjoy the iPod HD.

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The calm before the storm

Tomorrow marks the coming of the "special" day all Apple fans look forward to in a yearly basis, the World Wide Developer Conference. Truth be told, for the mayority of us we are not looking foward to the programming keynotes, optimizing code, or a new build of XCode. What we are truly looking foward to the Steve Jobs Keynote.

I believe it's almost a given than whenever Steve does the keynote, we are bound to get new Apple products goodness. Aside from new product releases, I'm looking foward to His-Steveness showcasing of 10.5 Leopard. Rumors floating around the internet are putting their money on several new features witin 10.5. Mac Rumors says:

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Apple has already announced that Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) will be discussed and demonstrated at WWDC 2006. In fact, a recent slip-up on Apple's developers pages indicates that Apple will be distributing a Developer's Preview of Leopard at WWDC.

Detailed information about Leopard, however, has been very limited.Very few reliable sources of information have come forward. Theearliest rumors pointed to Virtualization software to be built into Leopard, but this was flatly denied by Phil Schiller.

Job postings, Patent applications and Page 2 rumorspoint to a focus on updating Finder with extensive and improvedintegration with Spotlight. This has even been the topic of some presumed fake screenshots.

Perhaps the most collaborated claims are ones of Apple's iChat 4.0.Appleinsider claimed that iChat 4.0 will incorporate the ability tocall traditional phone lines much like existing Voice over IP services,with similar reports elsewhere on the web. As well, Appleinsider has claimed that Leopard will features OS-level integration of a geographical mapping technology, similar to Microsoft's Virtual Earth.

While MacOSXRumors have offered a list of other possible features: virtual desktops, collaborative features, tabbed iChat, the reliability of this source is not entirely certain.

ThinkSecret does not believe Leopard will be shipping in 2006.

When it comes to new products, we are surely bound to get the Intel replacement for the PowerMac, or the Mac Pro as it will now be called. There's speculation of new Intel-powered XServers and displays.

I guess we will have to wait to see 'til tomorrow. As it is right now everything is very calm awaiting the keynote. Live text coverage, last minute rumors, Pictures from the keynote uploaded to flickr, Apple Store down, forums overloaded, IRC chat rooms filled with Mac fans. Yup WWDC is here. Can't wait til tomorrow to report back on what's new over at the Apple front.

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Video Games ads in the 90s.

The Bestest Worser Ads -- More Worst Of Videogame Ads from

Growing up in the 90s  I was an avid video game magazine reader. I remember going to the local supermarket and snatching the latest copy of Game Pro or EGM getting home and reading every single page. Later on I became  (early  N64 days) I became  a Nintendo Power  guy,  I still remember Nintendo sending me promo  VCR tapes  of the latest games to get  you all  hyped up. If you were lucky you may even get a 5 bucks off coupon in there. Let's not forget the free Game Guides they threw in there when you subscribed. Man those were the days, I'm, telling you..

Besides all the fond memories these magazines left me, one of the most interesting things in these magazines were the gaming ads in them. From weird, to right down lame there was something for everyone.

Today I stumble this great feature on where they highlight the "The Bester Worser Ads" from the video gaming days of the 90s. Truly a walk down memory lane...

Anyone remember the Killer Instinct ad from the SNES days where u had to fold the two pages and then the text then said "Kiss My Ass" ? What did that have to do with the game? Absolutely nothing, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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Meanwhile on Twitterland..