iTunes on Sony Ericsson Phones? -The Info.

Picking up on yesterday so call "exclusive" here's some information on it. Probably none of you bought into it, except maybe one or two. Well it was Photoshop. Sort of inspired by the all the fake screens out there of iTunes in other gadgets like PSPs and PDAs, I decided to create my own. Sure they are some design flaws people commented on like too much empty space around the buttons area. In my defence, It was just a quick fun photoshop.

Taking a screenshot of the "mini player" state of iTunes I set out to port it to my T616. Photoshop the buttons, the display and the bars and all was set and done. Many Layers later I had a something to work with. Export to a .GIF and then from my Powerbook got it off my G5. From there it was all matter of just Bluetooth File Transferring to the phone.

From the T616 I made the picture my default screensaver, as to have it appear full screen. I then placed the phone on my desk, camera on top of my powerbook and snatched a pic. Took a couple of tries to get the timing right, because the screensaver turned off rather quickly, so a fast finger was needed. After the second try I nailed it and then well, sent it to iPhoto, resized it in Photoshop and place it here.

There you have iTunes on a T616. Who said it wasn't possible. All thanks to the wonderful tool call Adobe Photoshop and bored mind, taking a brake.

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