Void Inside TV: A 6 minutes Vidcast Overview of Apple's Front Row.

So here we go, with a small 6 minutes iPod Video compatible, overview of Front Row. This is Front Row running on a 12 in. 1.33 Ghz. PowerBook G4, using a Sony Ericsson T616 with a custom made Plug-In for Romeo to control it.

Size: 28.4 MB
Running Time: 00:05:58
File Type: MPEG-4 Video .m4v
iPod video Compatible.

Download Now.

RapidShare Link: Download Now (Better Link).

ROMEO Plug-in for Front Row. Download Now.

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-Audio Quality is crappy at best. Excuse the quality, but the built-in mic in the PowerBook isn't all that great when the fans are going off.
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