Traffic to Your Blog. Void's Perspective.

Having a "successful " blog these days is hard. Having anything "successful" on the vast space of the internet these days, can be considered a feat, period. Not to discourage anybody, but that's they way it is these days. Making a name for yourself on the internet is hard. Just like making a good blog, that makes people come back for more.

They are big name blogs out there who don't have this type of problem, they are already up there and move massive trafic, for example: Engadget, TUAW, just to name a few.

Then we have us, the Blogger crowd. I don't know about you fellow Blogger, but you can see the traffic I move. You can say average 10-15 people a day. Mostly quick passer by-ers, I would say about 2-5 get pulled either from the RSS feed been bookmarked, or they are frequent visitor. To which, I salute you. Not very high numbers at all. Maybe is it because people regard Blogger as mostly a place with un-interesting personal/spam blogs?

Perhaps, I must say that I have found some good interesting blogs here, Visual Food, is one of them. So there's good content in here. And good content is the key to getting traffic, and having people visit your blog back. A nice compelling nice, doesn't hurt either.

Is void anything like that? I doubt it. I do try to put good stuff out for mass digesting, a good portion of the time. Sometimes I'm just tired, lazy, lacking of inspiration, and just want to dump what's in my head into this. As the title states - "..random thoughts, ideas.." - and hopefully some good stuff for about 10 to 15 people a day. Enjoy.

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