Bedrock: Layered Sounds.

I have been looking for this album for ages. Yes, it has been that long, but truth be told I always wanted to hear it. Labeled as, and I quote:

Style: Progressive House, Downtempo, Progressive Trance

it's not for everyone. Should you find electronic music repetitive, uninteresting, and boring, disregard this post. Still with me, then you should check this out, nice track selection (at least in CD #2) and good mixing, what more could you ask for. A nice chilling-mood flows throughout the whole CD, picking up at times, but holding that chilling feel throughout.

Sadly I just have the 2nd. CD. Mainly because I got it from the torrent of bits..ARGHHHHH YOU PIRATE WHERES MER CACKLE FRUIT!! To my defense, if any, the chances of me getting a hold of this album here are mostly none. Don't get me wrong if I see it somewhere I will get it. Also, should I get the chance to do an internet buy of this I will. As of this writing, not possible, sorry Mr. Digweed. However, I do plan to support your record label at one time or another.

In short, like house music? pick this up Bedrock: Layered Sounds there's also the second volume, which I hear it's just as good. Can't go wrong here, check them out.

BTW heres the track listing for CD 2, if you are interested:

Brancaccio & Aisher Everybody (King Britt Scuba Mix) (5:23)
Remix - King Britt
Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff All I Know (Original Mix) (5:12)
Featuring - Astrid Suryanto
Tom Mangan Chutney (Moonface Mix) (6:41)
Remix - Moonface
Brancaccio & Aisher Looks Like A Star (5:41)
Tigerhook Corp. Presents Randall Jones Tonite (5:55)
Vocals - Ursula Rucker
Fortunato & Montresor Imagine (Chris Fortier Mix) (8:08)
Remix - Chris Fortier
Amber Anyway (Steve Porter Unreleased Mix 2) (5:52)
Remix - Steve Porter
Herbal Infusion The Hunter (Steiger Mix) (6:19)
Remix - Steiger
Christian Cambas It Scares Me (7:46)
Steiger Postcard From The Edge (Underdub) (7:02)
Bedrock Emerald (Charlie May's Quartzite Cluster Mix) (7:30)

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