My .02 Cents with the iTunes Music Store.

The other day I found out that my Apple ID still worked with the iTMS, even from here Argentina. The result of this discovery: -Me able to download the "Free Single of the Week", as well as the "Music Discovery Download". Cool, at least something new to listen to, although most of the cases is pretty hit and miss.

Yesterday, as I feel into the abyss of boredom, decide to take a look at my buying history. Going through my buying history , I stumble upon a Gift Certificate that was sent in 2003, and was never redeemed (!). So i inputed the Certificate code, seconds later, there we have 20 bucks to spend at your disposal.

Yipees and Victory dance aside, I set out to buy me some music. I decided for UNKLE's Never Never Land, as well as Markus Schulz's With You Near Album. Not bad, but then I spotted Steve Lawler's Lights Out Vol. 3.. alas all that was left was .02 cents.

Leaving with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth, I know I have some music to listen to. But at the same time, you always have second thoughts of what you could've gotten. What are the chances of me stumbling onto another "lost" Gift Certificate? Unlikely.

But that was that, I have some tunes to jam to which are rare to find here in Argentina, my .02 cents, and what you can call "luck" with an Argie-esque iTunes Music Store experience twist.

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