Void Inside 1.5.1

Well a small update, to fix some things.

  • Blogger bar is back, because I hate blogs that take them out, thinking their blog is so damn good. Well its NOT!..so leave the bar alone you bastards. I lead by example.

  • Comments should indeed be working now. Although not the way I would like them to have working, but this will do for now. Please ignore the random crap in the comments fields. I'm trying to see if I spot the "why" and fix it. If you comment and would like to see your comment, reload the page, or go home and then back into the post.

  • Stat tracking is up, but thats just for me :).

I think more or less we are back on track. Please hold as we return to our regular programing soon. So you guys like it or not? Let me know.

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