My Buddy is BACK!!

Holy crap, this is great!

So as I sat here, still moaning the loss of my buddy, I decided to do the ultimate revival move. Hopes were low (as it is the outlook of almost anything that i engage in life btw).

I docked it in, no *BEEP* as expected. Mounted in iTunes, complained it needed update, I ignore that. Open up Disk utility and I zero-out the HDD. After a couple of long lasting minutes, and after I came back from taking care of things, Disk Utility was done. My Buddy was all zero'ed out.

Open up the iPod Updater, Restore was the only option available so I did. It restored fast. I was getting happy (for once). Reset it manually, while still been docked, and Buddy is back!!

To celebrate his return from the grave, I shall now listen to something... it's good to have you back Buddy.

*Pats Buddy in his silver shinny all scratched out back*

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