Interesting Flash Game..

Yesterday I stumble accross this simple, yet addicting flash game. I gave it a try, and well I ended up spending some significant ammount of time trying to beat it. The premise of the game is to make everything "grow" and make everything work together. Meaning that yes, there's a logic behind when you must position everything on the cube.

Quite fun and addicting, give it a try. Should you get stuck, the answer is out there in the internet for you to find using Google.

Be warned, this is a serious time-killer.

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The One Day This Blog Was Famous.

Looking around my HD for things that are long-due a deletion, I stumble accross this snapshot. A snap of the one day this blog turn into a massive traffic site, and I guess I kept the snapshot to celebrate...

Over 9,500 hits, and over 10,000 pageloads in a single day. Crazy. Doubtful I will ever match those numbers for one day traffic. Today, in contrast, I get around..48 hits, and 72 pageloads. Not complaining, however hardly stands up to that "glorious" day.

Maybe I get around to get another post featured in the front page of and another rush of visitors come in. Regardless, it was fun while it lasted thats for sure. If you are wondering what was the story that struck gold for one day, head this way .

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iPod Advertisement From Space

The ad, which depicts Apple's flagship iPod product has been constructed on the site of an abandoned mineral mine in remote western Australia. It has been in development for almost two years since Apple's founder Steve Jobs aquired the location during a game of poker with (the late) Australian publishing and gaming tycoon Kerry Packer."


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Learn More About your Mac.

Ever wonder where that great piece of computing you use was made? How about when?

Well put the identity crisis aside. Using this handy app from Coconut-Flavour (interesting name uh?), you can learn where and when your mac was made. As an added bonus, it will also tell you about your iPod if you have one connected when you run the app.

May be useless, but hey I found it pretty cool. Make sure to celebrate your Mac birthday week!

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Video Of the Week #4: Fold Your Shirt in 2 Seconds.

I'm sure we have all seen this by now, however I think that nobody has actually have gotten the technique down per-say. So go ahead watch it couple of times, pull out that Fruit of the Loom shirt out of the closet, and go at it. Sure way to impress the opposite sex.

"I am the fastest shirt folder in the area baby...yea you like that uh.."

BTW, if you mastered the technique, shoot me a comment, I could use some

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The Boondock Saints.

A great movie that I finally got the chance to see, after quite some time. Trying not give too much away, the movie is about some Irish brothers set out to rid Boston of mafia men and drug dealers operating there while being tracked down by an FBI agent.

Not just a crazy gun fights, language, and violence the movie poses the ethical question to the viewer at the end of "Is murder for good good?" Of course you are left out to draw your own conclusions and views on vigilantism by yourself.

As for me, I believe its a great movie, and we could use some saints to help us clean the current society we live in. The law and justice system in the world has some great deficiencies, sometimes you have to take matters with your own hands.

Final words, check it out -a great movie.

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Chain Letters.

Chris over at his blog brings up an excellent point regarding the redundancy of chain letters/emails.

I think we all have been a part of chain letters at one point or another, forcefully or not. Point is, as he says, they are by the most part unpractical and well, worthless. I fully agree with him, it's amazing that people still believe that because you foward a chain letter, somehow someway, little Billy will finally be able to get that operation he's been wanting.

Alright, yea thats great IF IT WERE TRUE. Where's the connection between you sending an email to all your contacts, the misterious "we will give whatever cents per each contact you send it to" and Billy. Hint: It is not there people. Besides, by the third time you get the "Billy email" you really start to wonder if this chain letters serve any purpose at all.

Save your "10 reasons you know...", the witty jokes, the funny images, remember this is the internet, if it's really funny we probably have seen it already. Contribute to a cleaner inbox, we have enough spam floating around as it is. Thank you.

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PlayStation 3 Available in November.

Citing issues finalizing the copyright protection technology and other standards for the Blu-ray DVD disc, Ken Kutaragi head Sony's video games division let the world know today that the PS3 will (finally) ship in November worldwide.

"I'd like to apologise for the delay," Kutaragi said at a Tokyo hotel. "I have been cautious because many people in various areas are banking on the potential of the next-generation DVD."

Blu-ray preparations were initially to have been completed by last September, but now won't be finalised until next month, he said.

Having said that, here's the lo-down on what was finally announced for the PS3, thanks to Kotaku for the info.PS3:

- 60GB HDD 2.5” with pre-installed Linux OS will be included?
- Dev kit specs fix as of today
- Final PS3 development kits will be sent to developers in June
- 10.000.000 BD-ROMS manufacturing capability per month @ cost around same as 2-layer DVD
- Every PS3 game will be on a Blu Ray Disc, in an attempt to prevent piracy
- Price will not be less than 50.000YEN (~$425USD)
- PS3 will have HDMI support from launch
- Sony plans to produce 1 million PS3s a month; 6 million PS3s for FY2006 (by the end of March 07)
- Basic online service free, no details yet (could be XBLS for PS3)
- Full backwards compatibility, hi-res and texture filtering for all titles (akin to what the Xbox 360 does to Halo)
- The online service will be working off of GameSpy technology

My take, start saving up you pennies if you haven't started already.

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The Pen is Costlier than..

...many things actually. Meet the Visconti Stellastar pen. Not your average pen you find in your office supply store, the Stellastar is, and I quote -"created from a single silver bar that is lathe-shaped, smoothened and rhodium plated into the gleaming column with a distinctive star shape." Should that not spark your interested, the pen also has a 18k gold nib and it's limited production of only 1917 pieces.

So now you are saying, .."OK yea looks much is it?" A mere pocket change sum of 3500.00 dollars.

Refills are not included, however you do get a lifetime warranty should the thing stop working for other reasons besides running low on ink.

Fun Fact: Writing the words "See you later" with the Visconti Stellastar makes each word worth $1166.66. See even the simplest statements are worth something with a Visconti Stellastar.

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Video Of the Week #3: Nintendo's Game Boy Micro.

A great ad for Nintendo's Game Boy Micro that aired in Canada. Seeing a lab rat go at it makes me giggle like a little school girl. Hopefully it happens with everyone else as well..

I believe this ad was never aired in the States, due to its highly "explicit" sexual content. A yes..the land of great morals..

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Microsoft Unveils the Origami...

After some months of viral marketing via cryptic websites and all that, Microsoft has unveiled what the Origami Project is all about.

Short description. Think an LCD monitor found on the headrest of an average rapper's SUV... Yea about 6-7 in. screen size. Got that? Ok now imagine that small screen running the ill-fated Tablet PC edition of XP. Crappy resolution aside, you get Bluetooth and Wi-fi...thats about it.

What's the real pupose of this thing? Basically a Mini-Tablet PC, why? Doesn't Microsoft know how poor Tablet PCs are doing currently? I guess the only use you can give a device like this is to use it like a Media Center remote of sorts via Media Center Extender, kinda what you have in the XBOX 360. Aside from that, you really wonder what the hell is Microsoft thinking at times.

The Microsoft description:

-Ultra Mobile PC

The official launch partners for the UMPC seem to be Intel, ASUS, Founder and Samsung. ASUS, Founder and Samsung have launched devices which promise the following:

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS
Approximately 7” diagonal display (or smaller)
Minimum 800 x 480 resolution
Approximately 2 pounds
Integrated touch panel
WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled


Microsoft are working with hardware vendors and software developers to push this technology in the right direction within the next couple of years. Microsoft claims UMPC devices will have a battery life of two and a half hours or more, and feature 30-60 GB hard drive for storage, with Intel Celeron M, Intel Pentium M or VIA C7-M processors. Microsoft also anticipates pricing in the US$599-$999 price-range. (are you crazy??)

Thanks to Neowin for the Official facts.

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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

We all know that saying, but at times it is true. Take for example the given pic. It conveys the sportiness agreesive look of the car. All of these without even getting to reading the text part.

Makes you want to find the keys, hop in and floor it. So powerful and precise as the text reads.

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Who Doesn't Have a Blog These Days..

Seems everybody has a blog these days. Even those people some may consider "famous". MC Hammer for example (*sighs* Bad example of famous ..I know). I wonder if this is a cheap gimmick to get in with the "cool" kids, you know?

Besides, what can MC hammer blog about? Last time I checked he wasn't so well of money wise and all that. Maybe he can blog about how you..yes *YOU* can't touch this..

In a somewhat better note, someone who also has a blog is Marc Ecko. Mostly blogging about the development behind his game "Gettin' Up". Also how he got a rhino name after him (?). Seems like blogs are a great way to hype up your products these days. They hold that cool spot in the PR departments' free advertisement wall.

In all fairness Marc's blog is a whole lot better, content/color scheme -wise than Mr Hammer's. Crappy embedded music is so 90s man...just like you *points at Mc Hammer*. Ok i can blog for hours about dissing Mr. Hammer, i'll stop now..

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Video Of the Week #2: VW MK V GTI Ad.

A hilarious parody of MTV's over the top, flashy "Pimp my Ride"...rides. Notice the pair of balls hanging on the rear bumper.

You know vat are ve gonna do know?! ....Unpimp the Auto.

VW representing Deutschland!

FYI: You can still watch last week's VOtW with the awesome BMW M5 here.

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