10.5.2 is Out! - Quick Impressions thus far

Going against my speculations of when it would be out ( I said a week ago), Apple finally released the long awaited 10.5.2 update to the masses of Mac users anxiously awaiting yesterday. Weighting in at a hefty 353 MBs (for the combo updater), it sure brought some fixing goodness for the Leopard. So how was it?
  • The delta updater was around  180 MBs on my 12 in. PowerBook running 10.5.1 with every other update installed.
  • The installation took a while (significantly more than any other OSX update I have done to date).
  • First time I see "Patching files" as an Updater status.
  • My PowerBook rebooted twice in a row, before going to the desktop (Intel Macs only reboot once so I've heard).
  •  The dock and menubar were slow to appear once the Mac reached the desktop.
  • There's a new Time Machine icon on the menu bar next to the volume, bluetooth, etc.
  • It's now possible to disable the transparency on the menubar. (Not available on my 12 in. PowerBook with an Nvidia GeForce FX Go 5200)
  •  Stacks can finally be viewed as lists, or just show a folder icon instead of the contents (nice!)
  • After the 10.5.2 update there was a Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 available (48.9 MBs).
So what went wrong with 10.5.2?
  • Even after the suppose Airport fixes, my Airport performance is significantly weaker than it was on Tiger.
  • Another Airport Bug: After a machine restart the Mac doesn't rejoin the network as it should.
I have change the wireless encryption from WEP/SSID Broadcast: OFF to WPA/SSID Broadcast: ON to see if I can pinpoint what is going wrong with my wireless after 10.5.2
Besides the Airport issues, 10.5.2 has been behaving well thus far. I recommend updating if you are running Leopard, especially if you are a soon to be Aperture 2 owner.

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