Where's my friday update? I want my money back.

To the dismay of almost nobody I didn't update void yesterday. Choke it up to laziness, other things in my head etc etc. Update wasn't there. So here we are on a saturday discussing what I didn't do yesterday. Ahh yes, but truth be told I have nothing worthy of telling. That is true straight up no BS.

I continue to work on the revamping of PowerWeight.com, more of less I'm been productive. Production is good, you know? at least thats what many people say. I still have to finishing my podcasting/vidcasts guide, I'll get it to it tomorrow. Just that you know ..I'm tired don't want to type for so long about one specific topic. I have noticed that my hands are slower than my thoughts, I have to revise my writing shit load of times prior to posting, else this would be Tarzan's Adventures blog. Well that is all, I leave with Mr. Pissed off kitten.

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