a landfill for unoriginality?

Oxymoron post of the week. I knew that when I started this whole blogger deal it was a "me-too" attempt at basically nothing. A time killer. Jumping late on the blogging trend I didn't know what to expect. Is Blogger an originality killer, or has the ease of use and laziness kill originality in everyone of us to an extend?

Maybe is the ease of use this medium has, in which case people should concentrate more on the content to make up for it. No setting up to be done, everything is done for you, why don't you drop some worthy stuff in there. Now I'm not the blogger police, nor should you take void as an example of what a good blog is (far from it actually). But I will say this, having random lyrics of your favorite Green Day song falls a bit short, in the interesting category, or the "I give 3 craps" category. At least put why they are important to you. C'mon give us an insight here! Isn't what blogs are all about to hear a personal take on something?

Again reminder, these are my views when it comes to this. I have to say that is by the most part filled with copy cats attempts. Same black theme (Minima Black - Mr. Douglas Bowman - I salute you, for this theme is THE most widely adopted theme around here). I use the black theme, but at least I change the color a bit, and some have too. A great majority hasn't. A great deal of blogs are just there to try to sell stuff, c'mon now stop been cheap bastards get a proper website and .com. Another bunch, are teenager girls that WrItE liKe ThIs OMG XOXXOXOX!1!!. In a world filled by the most part of disposable blogs, is hard to stand out. When all its said and done, eventually it will die down and few blogs are going to be left. Taking with it the MTV watchers, and the ones that have mostly nothing to say, and they want to show the world they have nothing to say.

By the most part this blogging stuff is cheap personal therapy. Let your thoughts out in paper, it's good for you. Truth is, by the most part few care what you have to say. Most are just going to skip this, and not even read this, thus proving my point.

Good night.

Small edit: It Appears that Blogger's Image service has gone to crap. Once again to the rescue...

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