Shiver me timbers!

If you didn't know today is Talk like a Pirate Day Matey!! A quick Google Search gave me this awesome site that will have you saying pirate phrases and other .... things in no time.

Well besides the Pirate infusion for this monday, it is a monday, not the most exciting time of the week. In my try to make it somewhat exciting I got a hold of The Gorillaz's Demon Days Album. Not bad, I have been listening to that Feel Good Inc. track so many times now I think iTunes is about to quit on me for been so fucking repetitive. That song has an Outkast sort of feel, I dunno..

To wrap up this monday, I have been called to the line on duty on a redesign of Which reminds me I still have to talk about why redesigning a website is harder than making a brand new site from scratch. So yea, if you are into the whole gym weights, shakes that taste like crap, and eating enough tuna to put it on the GreenPeace endanger species list sub-culture, check out I wonder if I can pull something good out of my ....... Dreamweaver app of course ;).

To close it up finally, I commented on some random dude's blog from Holland there which had just gotten an ibook and ipod. If you are that dude reading this, good choice man.
Remember Command key is the Control key of the Windows World.

ARGHHHHHHHH let me caress your Cackle Fruit!!!!!

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