Family Oriented Blogs..

..make me mad. I don't know it just makes me mad. The Anderson's Family Blog...IT IS CRAP PEOPLE! Give me my freaking click back, you mercenary of uninteresting crap who decides to put it on the internet for everybody to see.

Don't you get it, nobody gives 9 flying diving craps about random pictures of you with your huge Colgate™ smile baking some fatty food in your backyard. Haven't you thought for a second:

"Geez...I have no comments on our great family BBQ 16 pictures post honey, I wonder why?"

You want to know why, I will freaking tell you why. It's the freaking internet you dumb monkey, who the hell cares what you did last saturday. Why don't you scratch your aging scrotum bag next weekend and take pictures of that as well. Matter of fact get the oldest male member of the family to scratch theirs as well. Take pics of that "event" and post them. I GUARANTEE you will get a comment on that post for sure. Meaning that yes an old guy scratching his balls is more important to everyone else than your crappy BBQ. In short the logic of everyone else but you goes like this..

Old guy scratching his balls is better than your crappy family gathering pictures.

God, who cares dammit. Oh wait, and heres the cake, the ones that really have uninteresting crap to show, like their kids playing with some random toy that reads "NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF insert their kid's age here" They decide somehow that their crappy pictures of basically nothing are so freaking important, that they take out the only way to get out of that hellhole they call their "Family's Blog". They decide to remove the Blogger bar. I'm only left with with the option of going back in my browser like a maniac, or if I can no longer stand pictures of your happy, joyful self to quit my browser.

Listen you bastard, that's my only way to cut short the torture that is your picture filled blog. Why don't you call it a freaking gallery instead of a blog. With so many damn pictures, it sure isn' t a blog anymore. You do know that your blog takes 5 minutes of loading time in your Grandma's 56k AOL Connection right. "Look grandma, here are the new pics of Jenny and Jimmy outside the freaking local supermarket with a can of tuna". At this point Grandma curses you and the spirits, because she has to go and use some technology she doesn't really understand yet, and then wait a longevity to get your happy pictures. Of course she's not going to tell you this, because you hide the fact from her that AOL is a piece of crap, that her computer it so damn old it says "It is now safe to turn off your computer" when you just pressed the freaking button to turn it off in the first place.

In short you Mr. Family Picture Blogger, I said this to you:

You suck, get a gallery for your family, and get your grandma broadband and decent computer. Matter of fact why don't you just print the pictures out and send them to the ones that truly care, and spare the 99.8% of us the torture of seeing you and yours. Thank you for polluting the internet with useless crap. Be thankful this is a free service, and you don't have to pay, because I am DAMMED sure you wouldn't pay in the first place to get your pictures out in the internet for your gradma or anybody else to see. You family blog makes me sick. You stuff is as interesting as a cow's tit.

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