My Take on: Horoscopes.

They are a waste of time. Entertaining read, perhaps, as you try to connect some random ideas to your life. I'm a capricorn, I enjoy long wait but yea, a freaking goat. Now lets see what the almighty stars and planets which reside at have to say for September 14, 05.

Trust your instincts -- if a new opportunity seems too risky, it just may be.

You can be very helpful when you want, especially if you recognize the merit of someone's idea, but don't be so eager to hitch your wagon to someone else's star just yet -- especially if they're an unproven quantity.

In normal people talk: Don't help a dude on his idea, if you have a felling the idea is basically crap.

Hmmmmm... intereshh-ting so if I follow the astrological "advice" any idea that comes my way tomorrow (actually today its 00:01), just flush it down the toilet.

You know, I don't get many ideas pitch at me often, but I have gotten one or 2 in the recent days. Regardless I have never payed this hore-scopes too much attention. If they were so dead on, I would have a "stable partner" a.k.a chick by the end of the week. Read that on a magazine. Well 3 days left, starts and freaking got some hard work to do homies.

Bunch of lies I say... This is all.

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