In a fast german car...

...I'm amazed that I survived / An airbag saved my life...

Radiohead, OK Computer night. Nothing much to say, but that the redesign is going all out. Once again my mind gets clouded with good ideas, and yet ideas that are feasible to my doing are all the ones that actually come through.

You have it all in your head, how it should be,looking so good a killer design. Come to doing and actually turning an idea to something worth, you are just left with a lighter, version filtered through your capabilities filter. You have to work with that.

In everybody's head we all have a killer design, but reflecting that in the real world is the hardest part.

Reality check, is a bitch. I'll work with what I have and try to do something worth, although it may just be a small part of what the original design in my head is.

What can you do, but work with what you have.

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