Good Podcasts/Vidcasts worth checking out. Part II

Retaking where we left on saturday with Part I here we go with Part II.

On this part, we will focus on podcasts. Part III will be for the vidcasts. So lets make a quick recap of the list of podcasts that I believe are worthy of your listening time:

And here's my take on why you should take them out:

  • MacCast/eMacCast - This is the podcast for Mac Geeks, by Mac Geeks as the motto of the podcast is. A great all around podcast, very well produced aim at you guess it, the Mac world. Covering the latest news in Apple land, as well tips and tricks and listeners' feedback questions. If you are an avid Appple fan, or a future switcher perhaps, and want to know everything about the Apple side of the fence. Check the MacCast out. Comes in a regular .mp3 format, as well as a bookmarked iTunes/ latest iPod compatible .acc version.

  • this WEEK in TECH - With the IT world famous, Leo Laporte. Along with him theres a whole set of guests. All of them in technology field related stuff. A run down on the top tech stories of the week. A nice listen to stay up to date with tech related stuff, as well as hearing other people's take on a give story. This podcast is offered in so many formats I'm not even going to bother listing them all. Check the site, you know when a podcast is voted as the 2005 People's Choice Podcast it must be good.

  • Security Now! - An offspring idea out of the tWiT chief head, along with Steve Gibson. Security is a big deal nowadays, especially if you are running Windows (ha ha ha!!) actually all around no matter what OS you run Security plays a key part in the computer world these days. This podcast is a great approach into educating people about security. From your own network security, including your router and firewalls, to your choice of passwords. Interesting stuff worth checking out. There's again many format offered for this podcast, as well as a text transcript of the show.

  • And that wraps Part II of "Good Podcasts/Vidcasts worth checking out". Check out Part III where I will go into the vidcasts selection.

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