Skip the Saturday blame it on Blogger

Well, no update for saturday is kinda of odd. In all fairness I was willing and able to do the update, alas Blogger threw a nasty little error on me:

If you can't read it, and that is probably the case, it reads and I summarize:

We apologize for inconvenience, but we can't do what you want at this time. We have let our team of engineers know that we fail to to do what you want, but I'm sure they are fixing it right now...

Well have 2 down for the count already. The other day with the whole 403 issues with images not showing and now this. From what it seems, there's some backstage tweaking going on...and some errors are to be expected :|.

Funny thing this update-less saturday gave me a fantastic number of 4 hits instead of the usual staggering amount of 25 hits. My theory: Updating void gets me 6 times as much traffic, though most of the are random "Clicker-happy on the Blogger bar" type.

I haven't forgotten about part III of the podcasts/vidcasts thing. I'll get to it this upcoming week. That is all. And i believe I'm still sitting at 85 cents...

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