Fancy some Pirate Boots Dear?

Who knew they sell pirates boots on the internet? I wonder if they are designer Cpt. Blue Beard brand. Thanks again to my trusty void reader the Captain for pointing this out to me. He even provided the pic, as to prove he speaks no BS half of the time, and this is one of those times. Check out his blog, at the right hand side..the link is there. Slythic's Blog.. He's cooler like the other side of the pillow...*shrugs*

If you didn't know an update to iTunes 5 is out, 5.0.1. Some bug fixes here and there. Nothing big, regardless make sure to get it. Podcasts are still part of the main library, so save the bitching. You can however hide them from your view if you go to Edit -> Show Search Bar. Choose Music..look no more Podcasts...feel happy now.

That is all, and here's a quick tip pressing Command + Option + D will hide your Dock. Enjoy.

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