This XBOX 360 Thing..

...thats coming out November 20-something in the US of A, is as exciting as a new version of EA Sports Game. From what I have been seeing, at least at launch there's nothing good coming out for it. Nothing at all. Where's the Halo-like game for Xbox 360? The one that will make you buy the freaking console play it and then go "that was cool, but mostly it was alright"

Ever since PGR3 isn't launching as a debut title with the console, there's no reason to get it. Hey but isn't Need For Speed coming out at launch? Why yes, but that games sucks. The last good Need for Speed was the Porsche Challenge One. Ever since then, NFS turn to have a really crap follow up and then started to cater to the MTV generation, I puck 200 pound scuba diver tank filled with Nitrous on the back on my crappy Japanese Import car. Sure that's where the money may be, but doesn't take away the fact that the series now suck hard.

Getting back to the Xbox 360. The whole 2 package deal sucks. You either come with an HD or you don't. I image the game developer nightmare it must be where you have to code a game thinking, well we can't put this in because he may not have an HD, and we cant use the HD for faster loading, this that it sucks. So the dual package scheme sucks, the new controller is alright. At least the wire version now gives you the option to be used with a PC via an adapter that it comes with that changes "odd MS USB port to regular USB port".

I'm sure most consumer whore gamers are going to get an Xbox 360, thats a fact. Because its new, its cool, and it makes their manhood 2 inches longer. At the end they will be sitting down waiting for some good games to come out, maybe Perfect Zero will keep them content. I rather wait for PS3. Thats my take, but since I'm Argentina either new system will include a much longer wait, and mad money to be dished out. So it makes you think twice about been on the cutting edge of the gaming world, at least these days it does for me. Ol faithful PStwo and Xbox you are sticking around for a while lol.

Well, at least I have Gran Turismo 4 to keep me company...

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