Good Podcasts/Vidcasts worth checking out. Part III (finally)

Well the last installment of my series of "Good Podcasts/Vidcasts worth checking out". This been Part III would be strictly for vidcasts. Check out Part II for podccasts if you are interested in that.

Again lets recap my noteworthy vidcasts as deemed by me, after watching Great Chief Sitting Bull look at the stars and scream TIMBUKEE! They are..

And according to Sitting Bull this is why you should watch them:

  • Diggnation - A vidcasts highlighting the top stories at the "new" Slashdot-esque site Good vidcast to no just hear about the stories, but the off-topic crap these two guys get into. It's good fun entertainment for about 30 minutes.

  • Command-N - It has a good looking chick..and sum dude there. Well in all fairness its a good podcast, with good contents especially the web links they provide throughout the show. Most of the stuff seems to be geared towards web dev. the links and all which I find useful. From Canada with love.

  • macTV - This a vidcast geared at Apple related stuff, if you haven't guessed by the tile already. From old commercials, to video reviews and interviews all related to the Apple world. A great way to see videos that you may have already seen at one point, or new ones that you haven't seen before. All presented in their H.264 glory. Definitely worth checking out.

Also worth mention are: Systm, and ScreenCast Online.

If I missed anything, let me know, or If I didn't and you still want to let me know something. Comment away children.

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