"No firewire mounting!", says my iPod

It should come as no surprise that my iPod is, slowly but surely, waving good-bye at me with each passing day. I previously talked about the death of my ol' buddy, and its resurrection of biblical proportions shortly after.

Although his second coming has been a glorious one, I can't help but notice the fact that any day now he will no longer be booting up. Sure he's trying his best: - he syncs, he shuffles, he plays as far as his worn out battery will give, but he needs retirement.

The last hint of this seems to be the lack of firewire mounting. Good thing (#1) this iPod generation had USB 2.0 support, so I can still mount ol' buddy that way. Good thing (#2) I bought a USB 2.0 and firewire cable for the iPod back in the day. The issue is, however, that the iPod no longer charges when mounted. Good thing (#3) that this iPod was from the era when Steve was feeling more generous and it came with a wall-charge adapter in the box.

Three good things aside, the hard drive clicking is become more evident with each spin-up he peforms. The transferring time of files is not the same as it used to obviously, due to the crapped-out HD. We all know there's no coming back from a crapped out hard drive (PowerBook comes to mind), so its all a matter of time.

That been said, I'm pretty confident ol' buddy will make to the '007. How long after that can he sustain is anyone guess. Three, four months? We shall see..

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