Giving Firefox 2.0 a chance on the Mac

I have been an avid Safari user since the start. I have never really found the need to switch to another browser alternative full-time. That's not the same story over at the PC side of things with our buddy Internet Explorer but that's outside the scope of this post...

Having said that, as of late Safari has been acting very "naughty"..lots of beach balls here and there, and truth be told..feeling a bit sluggish.
Looking back inside the giant messy file cabinet that happens to be my mind, I remembered hearing about this site. BeatnikPad has been the host to Mac CPU-optimized builds of "the Fox" for some time now, so I downloaded a G5-optimized build and here I stand..

I imported all of the Safari stuff, bookmarks, history, cookies, etc. and I must say this thing is pretty nice. I have already installed some Greasemonkey scripts (Blogger Technorati tag support), some extensions (which are linked to from BeatnikPad's site), and all is peachy. Very responsive, fast browsing, what more can you ask for?

The RSS handling, is still for me, a bit lacking compare to Safari's, but hey that's a small biggie. Maybe I need to find the right extension for my RSS feeds needs.

Overall I am quite please with Firefox 2.0 or BonEcho as the Optimized version is called. Surely it has earned a place on my dock.

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