My powerbook finally quitted on me

Two days ago, to add to the things that are quitting on my powerbook, the hard drive decided to go out. Yup, Disk utility adviced to me to start backing up because from this one there wasn't any turning back. So I transfer all the necessary stuff to my other Mac, and well I decided to let powerbook rest. Battery out, two days have gone by and the machine hasn't been turned on, because well, until I replace the HD the machine is practically useless.

Thanks to the crazyness that lies within my best friend he decided to go ahead purchase a replacement Hd and send it to me. Yes the guy is crazy, so now I sit here awaiting the challenge that comes with opening the mac, gutting it, replacing the HD..and putting it back. Challenging, you say? Yes. Doable? Well..I sure hope so..can't be that hard really when you have a site like this that shows you step-by-step what to do.

So stay tuned as I plan to bring my ol' faithful back from the dead soon. Hopefully everything will go as planned ;). Once again thanks to my  friend, dude you are THE man..

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