Giving thanks when due

During my small hiatus I received a pretty nice (and unexpected) gift from the folks over at Potion Factory makers of the pretty cool musically inclined Tangerine! app. I talked about the coolness of this app some time back here, if you may recall or not...

Turns out that because of my blogging of Tangerine! the guys over at Potion Factory decided to give me a full license(!) to the out of beta release of Tangerine! What can I say but "thank you sir! guys rule."

I gotta say that this app is awesome for what it does. The latest version analyzes more reliably the BPM count of files, and as a whole the interface looks very "Mac-ish" cool. If you haven't yet tried Tangerine, give it a whirl. If you have a big iTunes library, this app will make you rediscover songs that perhaps you haven't listen to in ages. Most importantly, it will help you create playlists fitting your mood, or maybe something fitting for that gym workout.

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