Back for business!

After a small unannounced hiatus I am back! Some of you may have thought I went into a deep meditation state to find the answers that lie within, perhaps took some sky diving knitting classes, or went on a Bikini World tour as the guy that oils up the ladies before the contest (Dumb & Dumber reference movie ever btw). Well not really, since we last spoke I passed my German A2 test, updated Void to the new version of Blogger (more on that in a bit), and..... and not much else really. I don't live the most exciting life out there as you can tell ;).

So what's new in this new version of Blogger? There's support for tagging posts. New more flexible templates. Decided to try the new templates, thus the debut of a new, simpler, straight-to-the-point, Wordpress-ish look for void. I will into changing the header for a small graphic, as to make it more personal. Trying to make a Blogger blog more "personal".. how's that for an oxymoron statement?

So that's all. I will post again prior to Xmas, or should I say Holidays? Because I don't wanna get sue by some sensitive people.. Look forward to my holiday post, and oh new header graphic.

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