The Wiimote is killing TVs accross the nation!

At least that appears to be the case thus far. Not long after Engadget reported the first incident of the flying Wiimote hitting the TV screen, today we are greeted with yet another similar case. And this one even comes with a Flickr set for evidence sake.

It appears the culprit is the weak wrist strap that seems to break when people are playing Wii Sports' Bowling game. Deeply concentrated on perfecting that Bowling swing, you swing your arm like a maniac... and your Wiimote goes flying off crashing against your TV screen..

Nintendo has yet to contact the TV-less Wii owners, but who's at fault here? It could very well be the case that these people were using their Wiimote sans wrist strap on, it flew like an eagle to the sea (or TV), and now they are saying, "Oh look the wrist strap broke..Bad Nintendo Bad".

Perhaps that wasn't the case, and the big N really overlook the quality of the material been used for the wrist strap. They are already reports that build quality of (at least) the Nunchuck isn't that good to begin with.
If that's the case and Nintendo is at fault, then I believe a recall of the Wiimotes would be the logical thing to do. Revise the strap material, and then deal with these two people if they feel the need to do so, given of course that they are not trying to be sneaky and blame their oversights to the big N.

As long as they are no reports of the PS3 is eating the house's pet or kids. I think these Next-gen consoles are mostly harmless. Hopefully these are just isolated cases, and we will see what comes out of them. Just to be safe, keep the kids away from the PS3, and play the Wii with some medieval Knight gear on. Just in case..

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