Quake 4 coming to Mac

Relese date: March 2006.

In what can be described as an expected move, Aspyr will be releasing Quake 4 for your Mac. Given how they relesed DOOM 3 for the Mac already, and how Quake 4 uses the DOOM 3 engine, this release was expected.

Quake 4, the fourth installment in Quake series, is senseless FPS, in which you kill wave after wave of enemies. Although to its merit, it looks pretty nice. A good game, don't get me wrong, but in the PC side, they are much better offerings like F.E.A.R and Call of Duty 2.

Given the release date, I wonder if Aspyr will optimize the peformance of the game for the intel processor, and give a second seat to the powerpc version? It will be the most logical thing to do, after all peformance is king. Universal binary, or not, this will be an interesting game to see develop, will developers favor the intel platform or not? Hmmm..

Should you want to get it, why don't you read some reviews in the meantime, to tie you over 'til March 06.

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