Peter Jackson's King Kong.

Yesterday I saw the hyped and acclaimed Peter Jackson's take on the classic monster tale of King Kong. Weighting in at 3 hours long, it surely differs from the 1933 100-minutes adaptation. Is it really worth the 3 hours, and a movie ticket?

For the most part, yes. Although the movie begins to boring start, things commence to slowly pick up once they set sail to that "unknow" island. Many action sequences, although for the most part entertaining, are shot and edited in such a way in which trying to follow what's going on can leave your eyes running all over the screen.

The CG work is great. King Kong's fur looks pretty damn good, and thats pretty hard to achieve. As well as complete CG creatures interacting with each other, in this case Kong fighting a pack of dinosaurs. The interaction between people and the CG is pretty damn good as well.

The story and pace of the movie, is good. The portray of Kong as a more humanized beast, instead of a angry rageful thing works. Jack Black's part in the movie, doesn't really fit. I mean, he's not the type of guy to deliver lines that don't involve a cheap laugh or two. I mean I was expecting him to pull out his guitar and sing "Fuck Her Gently" to Kong.

Ultimately, the 3 hour long story, may fit Lord of the Rings tales, but for a monster story, is a bit too long. Many characters are presented throughtout the movie, to which in reality we could do without. As well as many scenes run for way too long.

Should you go and see it? Hell yea. Is it perfect? No but its pretty damn good. Defenetly recommended, for three hours of good times.

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