Hernán Cattáneo Renaissance - The Masters Series Vol.2

WOW!...What an album. That's about sums it up for it. Volume 2 of Hernan Cattaneo's take on the Master Series, sure lives up to what the the first volume set as standard.

One of the most famous Djs nowadays, Argentina's own Hernan pushes the progressive house sound like one of the bests. The first CD, has a prevelant dark tone to it, somewhat similar at times to what you would find in John Digweed's GU Los Angeles. Second CD, enjoys the sounds of breaks, and includes the killer song, Hernan's own Warsaw. This time around, edited for this album.

Overall, a great album. Want to pick a good electronic album, if not the best to come in 05? This is it. By all means listen to this, you won't be dissapointed.

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