Album Art, iTunes, and a Widget.

One way to keep a nice pristine iTunes libray is by having your album art. Now if you are lucky enough to have access to the iTunes Music Store, and purchase your music using that service, then you have no problem.

However, what about when you import a CD to iTunes. You won't have an album art then, and you are out to search the net away. Sure you could go to and search there. That takes time right? Well I have a better solution, and it's sitting on my dashboard right now..

This widget interacts directly with iTunes, offering you tons of control over yor music. To quote the developer's site..

... It displays the album cover art of songs playing in iTunes. It can automatically fetch album art from internet sources and save them to iTunes. Additionally, you can jump easily to the iTunes Music Store page of the current playing song or artist, rate your songs with a single click and pause/skip/play songs without opening the iTunes window.

A must-have to manage your iTunes library for sure. One thing, the album art fetching is disabled by default, you must go into the preferences and enable it there by choosing what site you want to use ( for example).

Get Version 2.3: Here.

!-Jan 14, 06 Edit: Album Art Widget version 2.5 is now available-!
Includes: The iTunes plug-in compiled as Universal Binary, and more.

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