GMail Wap Access - Get Your Gmail on Your Cell.

Ever had the need to check your Gmail on the go? Maybe you want to know if that important email you were waiting for was finally waiting for you in your inbox. If you have a cellphone with WAP access, there's a solution for your Gmail email checking needs.

Now, first things first dong go trying to access, Gmail has no support for wap access.We have to use some third party stuff. We have 2 options.

First, do you have your own PHP web server? then you all you need is Gmail-Mobile. This PHP front-end allows access to Gmail accounts on WAP/WML devices, and its GPL (open source) which is always good.

Second option, you don't want to mess with setting up PHP stuff, somebody has probably done it already, lets use theirs I say. They guys at have, and they are willing to let you use their service.

What you need to so is point your cellphone web browser to Once the page loads you will presented with a form asking for your gmail username and password. Fill that in, hit OK, and there you have it your Gmail inbox on your cell.

So there you have it 2 quick options to retrieve your Gmail email using your cellphone. Hopefully at one point or another Goggle decides to actually add support for WAP access from mobile devices.

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