XB0X 360 Out in the Wild Already...

... and the pics of the system have started to pour into the internet. 1UP has a great feature article filled with XBOX 360 pics, worthy of been checked out.

So as I checked the pictures I drew some conclusions regarding the Xbox 360. Which I will share with you now.

  • The console is more aesthetic inclined than the first XBOX. Good.

  • This console appears to run a lot hotter than the previous gen. Hence the need of 2 exhaust fans in the back. Not so good.

  • 2 different packages for one system. Stupid.

  • Getting rid of the black and white buttons on the face of the controller. Good

  • Controller lighter than previous version. Very good

  • Giant Power Supply, styled by the same guy who designed the first XBOX apparently. Bad.

Lastly, one the things that struck me, was the really cheap look of the Live headset. See for yourself.

Whoever came up with that design, well buddy the prior design was miles-ahead better than this. This just looks cheap. The sort of thing that for an average adult's head will be a tight fit. I deemed by the 4th time i put take it off and on..the thing will brake.

So there you have it, my small take on the 360. I won't comment on games because I haven't gotten a chance to play with one ( I doubt I will), regardless these are my first impressions by seen a gallery of pics snatched of the system and components.

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