58 Days 00:43:12 'til 06.

Amazing how time files, seriously its truly note worthy. I know this is a recurrent theme with my "monthly" posts, but I can't help but bring that to attention. In 2 months 05 is done man...matter of fact I bet he's already packing his bags and saying "Well I hope I made an everlasting impression on you guys!" You know I must say that 2005 has been a year of changes, mental development, and learning experiences.

I can't complain even tho there's always that "Well things could be a tad better.." I don't know we shall see..still 58/57 days left maybe 05 goes out with bang? I doubt it. Then again, by the end of this month I have to take my final International Deutsch test, should I pass that..November has been good to me.

Thats all..57 days left..308 days I'll never get back. Maybe make these last 50-sumthing days worth something? *shrugs*

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