Want to Counterfeit Money? Don't Use Photoshop.

So the other day I was forum hopping around the internet when I stumble across a peculiar post. Some guy wanted to photoshop a pair of boots in a US 20 Dollars Bill. Intrigue by the plan this guy had in mind, I continue reading the replies he got.

One of the first things needed to go about doing this, was of course a picture of 20 Bill. Somebody posted a pic of the bill, of course tagged with the word SPECIMEN on it, as to drive away any weird ideas you may have.

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Bored that I was, I decided to have some Photoshop fun and drop this .JPG into Photoshop, when I was greeted by this very interesting Dialog Warning Box:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Interesting, given that image doesn't contain any meta-data of any kind. How does Photoshop know it's a 20 dollars bill? What's of interest, other Bill pictures such as the ones found here in wikipedia, don't make this warning pop up.

What does this 20 dollar bill have, that others don't? Who knows. Are Image editing software able to detect the shape and forms within images, making it say -"OK this is a Bill" thus triggering that warning box? But then, what about the other pictures? I even tried some pictures of Euro currency, again no Warning box popped up.

Truly an interesting case. Anybody willing to give some insight into this?

P.S. Excuse the use of imageshack, Blogger's image service is acting up, or is refusing to let me upload a picture of a Dollar Bill.

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