Google Analytics.

One of the (many) new Google endeavor is their Google Analytics service. How does it work, what it is, and how it matters to you i'll explain that in a bit.

First, and foremost this a free service. What this service offers is a tool that tells you everything about your website's visitors, how they found your site, and how they interact with your site. According to the search engine giant, its a great way to focus your marketing resources to actually get traffic flowing to your site, by analyzing search engine keywords, referring URLs etc.

What more does Google say about their new service well..

Sophisticated, yet easy to use.
We believe that web analytics should be simple and sophisticated at the same time. We've designed Google Analytics to have enterprise level capabilities and yet still be accessible to anyone who wants to improve their marketing and site design. Google Analytics delivers all the features you'd expect from a high-end web analytics offering, and provides timesaving AdWords integration features.

I'll try it out here with void, will it replace, as my traffic analysis site? Who knows, I'll try and see.

If you are interested in trying as well, head over to and take a look.

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