The new generation of Microsoft Certifications.

Today I received this cute little email from Microsoft:

I remember been part of the survey in which they asked MCPs about the next generation of certifications and all that. Well here's the result..

Dear Microsoft Certified Professional:

You already know about the newest versions of Microsoft® SQL Server™, Microsoft Visual Studio®, and Microsoft BizTalk® Server. We'd also like you to know that we're complementing these new products by introducing new Microsoft Certifications.

Consisting of four credentials in three series, the new generation of Microsoft Certifications provides IT managers with a simpler and more targeted framework to validate your skills. Better yet, they give you a tool to showcase your skills in a more relevant, more flexible, and more cost-effective way. And, as Microsoft releases new products, we'll introduce additional certifications.

In short new certifications to become more a Microsoft centric person. Pay us so you can be tested, perhaps even be certified to know how to use our products and just our products. Brilliant strategy by Microsoft really. You have these MS products in your company you need our new certification, to truly manage them. Meet Bob, our new Microsoft Certified Person.

I have concluded that these certifications in term make more money to MS, and whatever training place you went to, that they will ever make you.

True Fact.

*hides MCSE/MCSA/MCP certfication*

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