Mac OSX Tiger 10.4.3 Update Out -Mac Geeks Gone Wild!

Yesterday marked the released of the long awaited .3 release update for OSX 10.4 Tiger. Quickly and diligently I set to update my macs. The update came in 2 flavors a 97.0 MB update and a ~58.0 MB update. What determined which update you had to download? Who knows.. all i know is that my PowerBook I had to wither a 97 MB download on 256k "broadband" meanwhile my PowerMac had the more reasonable 58 MB one.

But this isn't about the update, but more about the whole activity that OSX updates creates around the mac geek community. Its amazing the amount of replies, this topic gets on forums. See here if you need proof, 683 replies and still going strong. Crazy. The update rocks, its snappier, safari kicks ass, my firewire doesn't work, I get Kernel Panic when ___________, It didn't fix ____________, It sucks, its cool. All phrases you will find there.

I know us mac users have a special bond between the mac and us. However, that been said it is amazing how fired up and update can get a whole community. Only rivaling a new hardware introduction, Oh there's something to admire. The crazy life of many mac geeks, I guess.

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