The VW iFox another car model we would never get here.

Here in Argentina, as in most part of Europe "big" cars are rare. You know Rappers' Delight - H2s SUV you wont see those here. Partly because, gas here is expensive, the car is expensive, and it been an American car most likely sucks (waits for the Captain comment on that). So we have smaller cars, with smaller engines those are the most popular among the people. You know Peugeot 206, 306, The teapot shaped Ford Ka, VW Gol (yes Gol not Golf..a region made car by VW in Brazil/Argentina) and crap load of Fiats.

About year..say year and half Volkswagen launched the VW Fox here. A small nice stylish looking (in comparison to the Gol) car. Argentina was going to be a test bed to the car's acceptance, and if it did alright, they were going to introduced it in Europe. Apparently things went as hoped, and the Fox made its Euro debut.

Besides now talking in Deutsch the Fox had gained another engine option, a bit of a restyling and the price tag..well its Europe and by European standards. Recently a new model was added the iFox. As you may have guessed it had something to do with Apple. Well its VW Fox equipped with an Apple iPod. The iFox will be delivered with a Blaupunkt Calgary MP3 radio, an iPod adapter and an iPod nano with 2GB. And to say well, thats no exciting enough, its a 500 cars limited edition. Priced @ 9.290 Euros.

What are the chances of us getting something like this? Not good. We always get the cold shoulder when it comes to features (and even safety features like ABS, and airbags) when compared to the Euro Version of many cars. Although Fiat has a special edition of a model with a Blaupunkt radio system and all that, I rather have the Volkswagen iFox. The fact that airbags and ABS are seemed like a luxury item, and only the higher in price spec'd offering of a car model gets it, its by all means retarded. What are we left to do, drive around with F1 Helmets, and a safety cage unless we want to pay for the higher spec model that comes with other features that I may not want. No I don't want climatronic on my car, but I would want to have an airbag to at least slow down the trajectory of my skull towards the freaking steering wheel. Is that too much to ask?

So in short, yes it does sucks how the same model car gets more features somewhere else, even tho is the same car. I just hope the car industry becomes more attentive to the offering that we can get here in Argentina. Not just "luxury" features, but safety features, which in reality shouldn't be a feature but a given on any car model.

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